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Can you change poshmark username?


  1. Select your profile image at the top right of the page.
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. Beside Username,
  4. select Change to receive a verification code.

No, Poshmark check for duplicate names and we can’t change our username. If we update information it will be verified by poshmark.

How is my stuff listed when I’m selling? Does the date of listing matter or just price?

Poshmark automatially groups your items based on categorys (e.g. Tops, Bottoms, Accessories, Footwear). The first ten photos will automatically appear in a slideshow at the top of your item description for free. You may also add additional photos to highlight certain aspect of your listing for $0.25 each photo added if total number exceeds 10 available photos OR you are using Premium Listing features. Once an item sells successfully via Poshmark checkout, seller is responsible for notifying buyer of shipping information (required by law to be received within 7 business days after notification), and maintaining communication with the buyer until package is delivered. Sellers may NOT leave negative feedback for buyers regardless of how they complete their transaction.

Where do I find my items?

Go to your Dashboard by clicking the small blue envelope icon in top right corner > Your Items tab . If you don’t see it then click here for steps: https://poshmark.zendesk.com/entries/21601791-where-is-my-dashboard

How long will it take before my item gets listed?

If listing inventory has been updated there will be a delay in listing of 24-48 hours.

What if someone is selling my stuff on poshmark?

Please provide us with the link and we will remove that item from our website immediately. If you are still interested to sell your items through Poshmark, please sign up here: http://www.poshmark.com/join and send us an email containing nickname or email address so we can verify ownership of this account: [email protected] . We recommend you use different user name for each listings otherwise it will not change anything since poshmark only checks for duplicates with username but not the actual name in profile under which the item was listed (e.g., Nicole Smith, Nicole Smith, and nsmith14 will be considered same buyer).

How do I find people (who have not purchased from me) following me / sending messages?

Go to your Dashboard by clicking the small blue envelope icon in top right corner > Following tab. If you don’t see it then click here for steps: https://poshmark.zendesk.com/entries/21555161-how-can-i-follow-other-members. Please note that if user does not have any Poshmarks or shared items with public access, then they will not show up under this category. To send message simply click on their name and select “Send a Message” option at the bottom of the page.

Why am I not getting notifications for follow requests and messages?

By default, you will receive email notification when someone sends a message or follows you. You can also enable/disable each type of notification on your settings page: https://poshmark.zendesk.com/entries/21601795-notifications.

Who can message me and send me friend requests?

Anyone who has your username as their own user name AND is following you (they must be following from your profile in order) OR anyone that has already purchased from you is able to send you a message. Here’s the rule set: If they have “followed” ‘you’ (meaning that your usernames are the same) then they may follow you. If they have not “followed” ‘you’, but in one of your shared items that is public, then we will allow them to send a message/friend request.

How do I remove my Poshmark from search result?

To make your listing private (not appear on search results), go to: https://poshmark.zendesk.com/entries/21474643-make-your-purchases-private . To make it available again simply change it back to Public under Privacy Settings tab on My Account page: https://poshmark.zendesk.com/entries/21908580-privacy-settings

What time does poshmark process my payment?

Items are processed on the same business day once payment clears. Please note that if you purchase an item from someone, it will be marked as pending before processing to ensure this is your intended purchase. To check if item has been processed successfully, simply check your transaction history and see if the order was successful . Poshmark does not store credit card information, all payments are handled by secure Paypal’s servers (https://www.paypal.com) or Stripe (https://stripe.com).

How do I increase my sales on poshmark? (Tips & Tricks)

There are 4 types of listings that currently appear in search results: Items for sale that have already sold (closed)

Items for sale that are currently live (active)

Shared items with public access , where users can find your listings, but may not like or purchase them. In order to encourage greater sales activity we recommend optimizing this category of listings by making it as easy as possible for buyers to interact with you and/or purchasing the item in a few simple steps. Here’s what you can do: 1.) Add a clear title – make sure the title is descriptive of the listing so no one has to click into description before knowing exactly what they’re getting; 2.) Write clear descriptions – tell your buyers why they should consider opening up purse and spending money on your item; 3.) Display clear photos – use zoom to highlight details of your item, such as a special detail on a dress or unique feature/style of an iPhone case.

Items for sale that have not been listed yet (proposed)

How do I participate in Poshmark Promotions?

To promote your items and be informed about upcoming promotions sign up here: https://poshmark.zendesk.com/entries/21556649-promotion-join. You will receive promotion notifications by email once they are posted live on site. Please note that Promotions may end before advertised date if all inventory is sold out prior to that date.

What should I do if my pictures are “pixelated”?

If you are taking pictures with your phone, and photos look “pixelated” (jagged lines around the edges of item), that means your photo is too large for a smartphone camera. The good news is there are easy fixes on how to get better photos using these tips: https://poshmark.zendesk.com/entries/21934438-pics-artwork-tips.

Why was I not informed about buyer’s comment?

Normally, we will send out notification if any comments have been left by buyers on your items (excluding pending orders) within 24 hours after receiving them. Please note that as we continue to grow and improve our system, this notification may be delayed occasionally. If you wish to confirm that your buyer’s comments have been received, please check your recent activity on Site (https://poshmark.com/user/activity) page or simply go to Site > Your Feedback (http://poshmark.zendesk.com/entries/21392869-site-your-feedback ) page and click on the “View all feedback” link at right hand side of the screen to see a comprehensive list of notifications sent out for each listing).

How can I cancel my Poshmark order?

You cannot cancel your order on the site directly, but please note we ship all orders with a tracking number. If you’d like to stop an order that has not been shipped yet, you will need to contact customer service at (https://poshmark.zendesk.com/entries/21686575-customer-support) or by clicking here: https://poshmark.zendesk.com/home and following prompts for cancellation request. Please keep in mind if it has already been shipped before contacting customer service, there is nothing more that can be done as once the order has been shipped it becomes the responsibility of the shipping carrier (e.g. USPS/FedEx). All orders are also eligible for return within 7 days from delivery date, so if you want to stop an order that has already been delivered, please contact us by email at [email protected] and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you in your request.

How do I report listings that violate Poshmark rules?

To report any listing found on our site that violates any of our policies or terms and conditions please click here: https://poshmark.zendesk.com/entries/21634504-report-violation. Please include as many details about the listing as possible (product title, product listing url on site and any photos that you can find of the item). We respond to all reports we receive. However, due to large number of listings on our site, most responses may take several days.

Can you change poshmark username?

1. Select your profile image at the top right of the page.
2. Select Account Settings.
3. Beside Username,
4. select Change to receive a verification code.

Why can’t I change my poshmark username?

1. You can only change your username through the website.
2. To change your username:
3. Select “Profile“.
4. Click on “Edit Profile.”
5. Next, click on “Username” to receive a verification code.

How many times can you change your poshmark username?

You are allowed to change your username only two times, so select carefully

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