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Can you retrieve deleted posts from Facebook?


To retrieve a post you deleted, go to More > Activity Logs. Then click on Trash from the top menu to see posts that were deleted within the last 30 days. Find the one you want and then tap Restore to confirm!

How To Find Facebook Deleted Post

You can. However, if someone has already visited the link of that post before it was deleted then they will still be able to see it even though it has been removed from the website. They’ll also be able to report that post as spam or abuse in order to have it removed completely. In other words, anything written on Facebook may not remain there forever.

Technically, posts are archived on Facebook, making them available for 30 days through search and any shares made (and comments) during that initial 30-day period will stay intact afterward for an additional 7 years by default provided those links haven’t been manually deleted. It’s a good idea to check your settings periodically so you don’t accidentally lose something important!

How to Recover Your Facebook Deleted Posts

How to retrieve deleted Facebook posts:

Go to the ‘Activity Log’ located in the drop-down menu under ‘Home’. You should now see a list of all activities on your profile, including posts made on the website. All you have to do is find the post you want and click on it to view its contents in detail. If you are browsing through posts by specific people, then just click ‘People’ at the top of any page (it’s directly above where you search) select someone from the list and go through their past activities as well. Once again, this will show all of that person’s Status Updates which includes anything they’ve ever posted on Facebook, regardless if it has been removed since or not. Finally, if all else fails, then try using the search engine. Sometimes it’s easier to locate deleted posts by entering the title instead of just a date.

Post deletion is sometimes done in order to hide undesirable information from certain people, although doing so won’t prevent someone from viewing your post if they’ve already read it before you made this change. If you’d like to completely remove a Facebook page that has been deleted (or simply have better control over past content) then refer to our article on how to delete Facebook pages. The steps are fairly straightforward and shouldn’t take too much time.

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How do I see posts from friends on Facebook?

Since Facebook is a social media site, you should be able to see posts from friends on the site. You can go to your profile and scroll down to “News Feed” or you can click on “Home” at the top of your page. If you are not seeing posts from friends, it could be because they have blocked you.

What are Facebook posts?

Facebook posts are messages you can post on your Facebook profile, which other people can see.

Can you see old Facebook posts?

No, you cannot see old Facebook posts. The only way to do so is by using a third-party application.

How do I find posts from years ago on Facebook?

Facebook’s search engine is not very good at finding old posts. One way to find old posts is to use the “Liked by” feature. To do this, go to a post you want to find and click on the person who liked it. You will be taken to that person’s profile page and then you can navigate through their posts from years ago.

Can new Facebook friends see old posts?

Yes, old posts can be seen by new Facebook friends.
When someone becomes your friend on Facebook, they will see all of your posts, including old ones.

How do I find an old post?

You can find old posts on Quora by searching for them. You can also search for your own post by typing in the URL of the post in the search bar.

How do you go to a certain year on someone’s Facebook 2021?

Go to the person’s timeline.
Scroll down to the date you want to go to.
Click on the year you want to go to.

How can I hide all of my posts from a certain friend?

To hide all of your posts from a certain friend, you can go to the “Friends” section on your profile and click the “Edit Friends” button. You will then see a list of all of your friends and their accounts. Click on the account you want to remove and select “Remove Friend.

Who can see only me posts on Facebook?

Facebook does not allow people to see posts that are only visible to you.

Can you make a Facebook post visible to only one person?

No, Facebook only allows you to post content that is visible to the public.

How do I post on Facebook without friends seeing?

You can post to Facebook without friends seeing by using a temporary account. You can also post without friends seeing by posting to a Facebook Group or Page instead of your personal profile.

How do you tell if someone blocked you from seeing their posts on Facebook?

To find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook, go to their profile page. If you are not able to see their posts or updates, they have blocked you.