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Did my Twitch account get deleted?


  1. If it has been more than a year, the account was deleted for inactivity and is now free.
  2. Another possibility is that it may have been suspended and will be reinstated after your email provided some information to Twitch.

How to Delete Twitch Account on Android/IOS

Nope. It’s just very hard to log in on mobile or tablet with twitch right now, so I decided to not log into it for the time being.

How about my YouTube channel?

Same issue. I have access to the account on PC, but it’s just not worth the hassle of logging in and out to upload videos due to these new changes. It also means that if they do get fixed at some point in the future, then I can just log back into them again and start uploading. As for now though, it’s best for me not to use up time or resources on something I can’t upload from.

Does this mean you’re quitting streaming/making content?

No. For one thing, even though Twitch is being a bit of an asshat right now, they are still a useful platform that allows me to connect with more people and make more

Where did my donation go?

It went directly towards the bill that I had in front of me from my hospital stay. If you’d like a full breakdown of what was billed and why feel free to message me.

How do I donate?

For anyone who would like to help cover the rest of these bills, donations are more than welcome via PayPal. I also have a GoFundMe set up if you distinctly want your money going towards getting back on your feet (ie: buy food/supplies). Any amount helps! Thank inactively. I honestly don’t even remember logging in to twitch in a long time.

How come you never stream anymore?

I started streaming back when my only hobbies were playing video games and watching anime. Nowadays, I do so many other things that it’s hard to find any free time for streaming. Still, feel free to drop by if I’m ever live! The link is below.

Where did Mintyland go!?

This account is pretty much inactive. I rarely use twitch anyway, so this thing is pretty much dead to me. If you want to see my current art and stuff, please refer to my Twitter! Thank you very much for the follow!

How To Delete Twitch Account Permanently (Guide)

I request art of X character, how do I commission you?

My commissions are non-refundable (please don’t send insane amounts just in case) through PayPal and take up to three weeks once payment is received. I’m also willing to draw NSFW requests for a higher price, but there will be a wait time depending on the workload. For inquiries about speed or prices, please feel free to message me privately! 🙂 My email address is: minty and app

Thanks to moving out, school starting, and the new job, all time I had was being spent on life. As much as it sucked though, I did miss streaming from time to time. There were many times where people would ask me if I was going to stream again or if they should watch for me when I come back. This is why in November of 2017, Mintyland came back with a few new changes. First off, I had moved to a new house with my boyfriend and kitten. The internet was not as good here, but it would do for the time being. Secondly came my job at GameStop, which took up much of my free time, making streaming even harder. Finally came school. I went straight back into attending college in October of 2017 after freaking out over not having enough money to cover certain bills due to an emergency room visit that resulted from some complications on top of the constant pains I have. This was all happening while moving back home, so needless to say there was quite a bit going on there too. It eventually took over my whole life, right before I decided to quit streaming again. My first hospital visit happened in late May of 2017. The pain was getting a lot worse, so I went to the emergency room hoping for some help. After being poked and prodded for a few hours, they came up with nothing aside from telling me that it was probably just a stomach virus or something like it and sent me home. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case at all, as the next day I ended up back in the same hospital after having my regular doctor order an ultrasound due to how much pain I was experiencing (the amount of time between visits is important). The following day brought on more tests along with even more doctors coming in to assist me. I was told that I had diverticulitis, and a few days later the doctor ordered an MRI to see how bad it was. This is when my stomach pains turned into lower back pains, as well as cramping in my legs and rapid weight loss (I’d already lost about 10 pounds). They eventually decided to take me to surgery on June 14th due to what they found from the tests. It ended up being quite a bit worse than originally believed: https://imgur.com/a/uieBU. The surgery took over five hours to complete and resulted in everything you can see there. The surgeon also found two abscesses around where some of the previous issues were located before the surgery. The major infection in my lower intestine was still present, and I wasn’t allowed to eat anything solid for a while. As of July 5th, 2017, I’ve had a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease from the doctors in Kansas City. More tests need to be done in order to fully understand what is going on with me though.

I’m not sure how long streaming will last this time around, as there are so many other things that it’s hard to find any free time for streaming. Still, feel free to drop by if I’m ever live! The link is below. This account is pretty much inactive. I rarely use twitch anyway, so this thing is pretty much dead to me. If you want to see my current art and stuff, check out my Instagram! –> @Mintyland Please do not message me about prices or availability of art. I will not be doing much art for a while as I am currently working on another project >:3

Thanks to all of you who have supported me and watched over the years <3 Without you guys, Mintyland wouldn’t have been possible, so it’s great knowing that there are people out there who enjoy what I do!

Thank you everyone for everything! If you want to say thanks back with cash or a donation! Here is my Paypal link if interested! [email protected] ( This is mainly for commissions, but feel free to use this if wanting something else at a cheaper rate! I have commissions up right now for only $18/character, so feel free to hop in on one of the slots if interested! If you donate and are interested in getting art from me, don’t hesitate to message me about the prices of what you want to be done.

How long until your Twitch account is permanently deleted?

If you change your mind and want to revive your account, Twitch will hold on to the account for 90 days. After that time period has expired, the account will be permanently deleted.

How do I find my old Twitch usernames?

If you suspect the username was changed previously, use Twitch Tools’ Username Change Search Tool. With this tool, you can assess when a username change occurred and potentially log back in later.

How do I permanently delete my Twitch account?

Follow these steps to deactivate your Twitch account.

Can I make a new Twitch account with the same email?

If this setting is disabled, and your email address is verified, you cannot make any additional accounts using the same email unless you enable it.

Does disabling a Twitch account delete it?

Disabling your Twitch account is more similar to deactivating an account on other social media sites, as it does not erase data from the user in question.

Does Twitch delete accounts?

Twitch does not delete accounts, but they do take them down. Twitch takes an account down when it violates the terms of service.

Can I get back a deleted Twitch account?

Unfortunately, Twitch does not offer any way to recover a deleted account. You can create a new one and hope that you don’t make the same mistakes as before.

How do I get my Twitch account back?

Twitch is a live streaming service that allows users to broadcast themselves playing video games. If you’re not sure how to get your account back, first make sure you have the username and password for your account. You should also make sure that this is an account you created yourself and not somebody else’s account. Then, go to the Twitch website and click on “Log in”. Enter your username and password and click on “Log In” again.

How long until Twitch account is deleted?

Twitch accounts are deleted after a period of inactivity. Accounts that have been inactive for more than a year will be automatically deleted.

How long can you be inactive on Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming video platform that allows users to broadcast games and other video content. There are no set guidelines for how long you can be inactive on Twitch, but it’s generally recommended to stream at least once every two weeks. If you’re not broadcasting, you should make sure your channel is set to “inactive” so other people can’t take over your channel.

Are Twitch usernames case sensitive?

Yes, Twitch usernames are case sensitive.

How long does it take to go inactive?

The length of time it takes for a person to go inactive depends on the person’s life. If someone is living an active lifestyle, they will go inactive faster than someone who is more sedentary.