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Does unroll me actually unsubscribe?


If I unsubscribe instantly from an email sender, they will be automatically trashed. Unsubscribing immediately is not possible with the Unroll.Me service, though; there’s a 24-hour window before you stop receiving them all together.

It does unsubscribe (and resubscribe when needed). Just be sure you have your ID set. Unroll Me makes it easy by giving you the option to find your ID inside the app. This will make sure that nothing is taken off and added to Gmail when using unroll me. In addition, we will not disclose any of your email data with anyone for any reason whatsoever. So if you’re worried about yourself or someone else seeing what’s in your inbox, rest assured that nothing leaves our servers without you approving it first.* You also have complete control over how many times an email should be rolled up into one daily digest by going into the app and turning off “unsubscribe” for certain emails.

Also, note that just like any other email client, you need to click “Mark as read” when you’re finished with that digest or it will keep sending them to you daily. We don’t want anyone missing out!

(This is in accordance with Google’s terms of service.)

Does unroll me clutter my inbox?

These are all the messages I see every day… and yes, I do still use Gmail:

All those emails go to one box in my inbox called “Unroll Me,” which is really smart because they’ve all been rolled up together. This means that if something important comes through from a rolled email, I will immediately see it.

Also, if you go into unroll me and turn off “unsubscribe,” your rolled up emails will stop coming out, but they won’t leave your inbox. They’ll just wait in there until you want them again!

Does unroll me store my passwords?

We are not a password manager. Please do not use Unroll Me to store any of your login information (email addresses or passwords). We ask for permission to create an account to make sure that we can deliver what we promise: one email digest every day at 9am Pacific Time (12pm Eastern). Nothing more. You should always have the latest version on hand so that when new features are added it does not interfere with the previous version you may have been using.

What if I don’t want to appear as a beta tester?

If any of the above concerns are a problem for you, then please go ahead and download Unroll Me v2.0 by clicking here . We can no longer legally call it a beta because of Google’s criteria (and we would feel bad keeping you in an environment that won’t deliver what we promised). The app should be exactly like the one described above except that it does not offer any measurable amount of bugs or imperfections — which is why we’re now calling it “v2.0.” 🙂 This means that you get all the benefits without having to worry about being part of our testing environment. Just be sure to check for updates often so that you’re always using the latest version and have access to any new features!

Do I need to sign in with Facebook or Twitter?

No. I’ve seen a few people on the web saying that you have to. This is not true. The only time we ever ask for your credentials is when you select “find and follow people” from the option within Unroll Me (this part makes it easier if you’re connecting to your social media accounts). But if at any point in the future we decide to add this feature, then yes — you will be asked to log into those services. So do not worry!

How long does my subscription last & How do I cancel it?

Each subscription lasts one year from date of purchase. Subscriptions may be cancelled anytime before expiration by selecting the appropriate option in your iTunes Account Settings. To update your iTunes account settings, please click here .

In the app, if you go into the subscriptions section and hit “cancel,” it will not work properly as of yet even though it tells you that it did. In order to cancel your subscription, please follow these steps:

Regardless of how long is left on a current subscription when you move from one device to another or re-install an earlier version of Unroll Me (with a different Google account), all prior time remaining will be included for each new subscription period. The exception is when you have already completed the payment process with an existing subscription but have not yet activated the software – in this case, any unused time would be forfeited in favor of the new subscription.

What about automatic renewal and subscription purchasing?

If you allow your subscription to auto-renew, it will continue indefinitely. You will be charged each year until you cancel. If you disable the auto-renewal at any point in time then your subscription is terminated and must be renewed manually. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled during their billing cycle.

How can I change my payment method?

You may update or change the credit card associated with your account at any time via ‘subscription settings’ within iTunes if you have a US iTunes Account, or by clicking here , if you have an international account.

Also note that Google allows users to add multiple credit cards as part of their Google account, which means that you may want to add a credit card specifically for Unroll Me.

Where can I find the subscription information?

On your iPhone: Go into the Settings app, select “iTunes & App Store,” and then click on your Apple ID. It will show you all of your subscriptions there along with the date last charged/billed (this information is not available in Google Play). You will see an option to change your account as well!

On Android devices: The setting used to view purchases is located at google.com/settings under “purchases.” If you need further assistance, please go here . Please note that we are unable to assist with any billing questions through this site and encourage you to contact Google directly.

Help! I unsubscribed and now cannot access the app anymore.

This is usually caused by an error in our system when you try to use multiple devices with the same email address at the same time. The easiest way to fix this is to uninstall Unroll Me from one device, then reinstall it on another device. Please note that if you still have your subscription, there will be a new charge (if applicable). At this point we recommend contacting our support team here so we can assist you further.

What if I don’t want all of my subscriptions?

You can click into each individual subscription within Unroll Me and select “leave group.” Or if you’re too lazy for that, you can select “leave all groups” and it will exit you from all groups at once.

Is there a way to get rid of individual subscriptions instead of entire groups?

Yes, the easiest way is to just — leave that group! We also have an “edit subscriptions” option in the Account tab if you want to remove specific list items for one or more services but still would like us to keep them in your account. At any time, if you decide you want a service back, go into edit subscriptions and add it back! 🙂

Why won’t any new subscriptions get added anymore?

We’re fixing this as quickly as possible! For now, go into your account in Unroll Me, then tap “edit subscriptions” and only enable the services you want to use. This should fix the issue until we fully resolve it. Also note that if you have already enabled access from this app prior to this update, these new limitations will not affect your current subscriptions at all.

If I delete my account, does that mean I lose all of my old data?

No, absolutely not! If you do decide to leave us behind for good though, there is a way for you to download a copy of all of your personal data so that is can be used elsewhere. To do this go into ‘settings’ and select “download data”. You will be able to download your information as a CSV file, or in plain text format.

Does unroll me actually unsubscribe?

If I unsubscribe instantly from an email sender, they will be automatically trashed. Unsubscribing immediately is not possible with the Unroll.Me service, though; there’s a 24-hour window before you stop receiving them all together.

Is unroll me safe 2020?

Not at all safe. They could scan your email to determine other online accounts you have, and then gain access to those accounts by requesting a password reset. They could also delete emails without your knowledge.

Can unroll me be trusted?

Unroll.me, an email service that includes an automatic unsubscribe feature, has been found to be selling personal data from user emails in violation of its own contract.

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