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How can I erase my twitter account?


  1. Tap the navigation “menu” icon > “Settings and privacy”.
  2. Tap Your account, then tap “Deactivate your account”.
  3. Read the account deactivation information, then tap “Deactivate”.
  4. Enter your password when prompted and tap Deactivate.
  5. Confirm that you want to proceed by tapping Yes, deactivate.

How to Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account

How to Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently

How do I delete my Twitter account permanently?

To delete your Twitter account permanently, go to https://twitter.com/account/suspend and select “Permanently delete your account” from the dropdown menu. You will be asked to confirm your decision with a text message or email verification.

Can I delete Twitter account?

Yes, you can delete your Twitter account. To do so, go to the “Settings and privacy” section of your profile and select “Deactivate my account.

Can I delete Twitter and start over?

If you want to delete your Twitter account, go to the settings section of your account and select “Deactivate my account.” To start over, create a new account with a different username and password.

Can you delete Twitter on mobile?

No, you cannot delete Twitter on mobile. You can only deactivate your account, which means that all of your tweets will be deleted after 30 days.

What happens when you delete Twitter?

Twitter is a social media site that allows users to post short messages. When you delete your account, all of the data associated with your account will be deleted as well. You can also decide to deactivate your account instead of deleting it.

Can I get my deleted Twitter account back?

No. Twitter only allows you to recover your account if you can provide a valid email and phone number associated with the account, and if your account was deleted more than 14 days ago.

How do I delete my Twitter account and start a new one?

To delete your Twitter account, you’ll need to go into your settings and click the “Delete my account” button. You’ll then be prompted to enter your password one last time before it’s permanently deleted.

How do you know if Twitter account is deleted?

If a user deletes their account, they’ll have to delete it from their browser as well as from the device they use to access Twitter. If the account is deleted from the browser but not from the device, it will show up as “suspended” in the app.

How long does it take for Twitter to deactivate your account?

Twitter accounts are deactivated when they are reported for violating Twitter’s Terms of Service. The length of time it takes for an account to be deactivated varies depending on the severity of the violation and how quickly Twitter responds.

How long does a Twitter account have to be inactive to be deleted?

Twitter accounts must be inactive for at least six months before they can be deleted.

How do I delete my Twitter account without password?

You can’t delete your Twitter account without your password.

Can you have 2 Twitter accounts with the same email?

Yes, you can have two Twitter accounts with the same email address. You may not be able to log into both at the same time or send direct messages from both, but you can use both for different purposes.

Does deactivating Twitter delete tweets?

No, deactivating Twitter does not delete tweets. You can reactivate your account at any time to see all of your old tweets.

Why do I have 0 following on Twitter?

If you have 0 following on Twitter, it may be because you’re not tweeting. It’s possible that people are following you and just haven’t tweeted yet. If you’re not tweeting, then it may be worth considering why that is. Perhaps your tweets aren’t interesting or relevant enough to the audience that follows you.

How many times can you deactivate Twitter?

You can deactivate your Twitter account at any time. However, if you want to reactivate it, you will have to wait 30 days before doing so.