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How do I delete a PlayStation Network account?


  1. Go to PlayStation’s support website.
  2. In the search bar where it asks to type in your issue or question, type close account.
  3. Select which device you’d like to close your account on.

How to Deactivate PSN ID from PS4/PS3/and Vita Online!

How To Delete PS4 accounts

How do I permanently delete my PSN account?

Go to the PlayStation service website. In the search bar where it asks you to input your problem or question, type close account. Select How to cancel your PlayStation Network membership from the drop-down menu.

Can you delete a PSN account to reuse email address?

Unfortunately, no. Because the ID is kept in their database permanently, you will not be able to reuse it after deleting an account with a PSN online ID.

How do I permanently delete my PSN account on PS4?

Go to Settings on your PS4. In the drop-down menu, select Login Settings. In the User Management section, pick Delete User. A list of users will appear on the next screen; choose the one you wish to remove. Select Delete.

Can you delete a PSN account on PS4?

On your console, go to Settings > Login Options > User Management > Delete User. Select the primary PS4 account you wish to remove. The PS4 will request that you power it on. This removes all of your data and restores the device to its factory defaults.

How do I delete my Sony account?

Sign in to Account Management. From the menu on the left, select Subscription. Select Turn Off Auto-Renew next to the subscription you wish to cancel.

What happens if I delete my PS4 account?

Any subscriptions and their associated entitlements will be lost. You’ll lose access to your PSN wallet. The terms of service state that funds in your wallet cannot be refunded.

Does deleting a PSN account deactivated it?

If you cancel your PlayStation Plus membership, the account will be deactivated. Any content you purchased using your account will be inaccessible. This material cannot be moved to another account, and refunds are only available according to Sony’s Store cancellation policy. You will lose access to any subscriptions as well as their associated benefits.

How do I delete everything off my PS4?

Go to Settings, then Select Initialization after which select Initialize PS4. After that, choose the “Initialize PS4” option and “Full” on the following screen to wipe your system completely. Sony.

How do I delete family manager on PS4?

Select “Settings” on the controller. Select “Parental Controls/Family Management.” Enter the passcode if prompted. You’ve arrived at the PS4 System Restrictions menu.

How do I delete my PSN account on ps5?

Go to Settings. Click Login Settings on the drop-down menu, then User Management, and finally Delete User. Select Delete User from the drop-down menu, and a list of user accounts will appear. Choose the one you want to remove by choosing it and clicking Remove, then confirm your decision.

How do you delete a PS4 account without the password?

Go to Settings. From the menu, pick “Login Setting.” Choose “User Management” from the drop-down menu. Finally, select “Delete User,” then choose the profile you want deleted. That’s all there is to it! You’ve removed that inconvenient profile off your system successfully.

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