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How do you delete an Xbox 360 profile?


  1. Scroll to Settings and select System, then Storage.
  2. If you don’t have an external storage device, select Hard Drive.
  3. Choose Profiles and pick the profile you want to delete.
  4. Choose Delete Profile Only to keep its saved games and achievements, or Delete Profile and Items to completely remove everything.

How to Delete a Profile on Xbox 360

How to delete Xbox 360 profiles

How do I delete and reinstall my Xbox 360 profile?

To access the guide, go to the Home screen and scroll left. The Settings menu may be opened in two ways: Select All Settings or Settings. Select Remove Accounts from the drop-down menu. Select the account you want to remove. To confirm your decision, press Remove. When you’re done, select Close to return to the previous screen.

How do you permanently delete a Xbox profile?

To display the guide, press the Xbox button. Select Profile & system > Settings > Account > Accounts and then Delete. Choose the account you want to delete and then Remove to finalize your selection.

How do I remove an account from my Xbox 360 remotely?

Go to Settings, then System. Choose Storage from the drop-down menu. Select All Devices from the menu on the left side. Select Gamer Profiles from the drop-down list at right. Choose a gamertag you want to remove by clicking it. Select Delete when prompted. The following are your options.

How do I reset my Xbox 360 profile?

Select Settings > System from the Xbox dashboard. nChoose Storage under Personalization. Enhancements should always be installed on Memory Unit I/O Cache SSDs, which are typically the fastest devices available without adding significant amounts of storage; otherwise, your system will become sluggish and unstable over time due to data caching (which is why you should only use them for extremely quick Windows boot-ups). Formatting your hard drive or memory unit will result in all of your data being lost forever.

How do you delete an Xbox account on the Xbox app?

When you log into your Xbox, whether it’s through the icon that displays your profile or by going into the settings and viewing your profile there, you should be able to choose to delete an account.

Does resetting your Xbox delete your account?

A factory reset of your console will erase all accounts, saved games, settings, and home Xbox associations. Anything that is not linked to the Xbox network will be lost.

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