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How do you delete music from Pandora?


To remove individual songs, swipe the song title from right to left. To remove multiple songs, tap the Edit icon under the album art at the top of a playlist. To remove many songs, scroll down and hit “X” on each one you want to delete or swipe (slide) song title from right to left.

If you want to delete music from Pandora, keep reading. I will show you the best way to do it easily.

We have a sample song that we don’t want anymore because we deleted our favorite Pandora station. In order for us to get rid of it without any hesitation, what we need is an extra place where we can store all the songs on desktop and then remove them later on as soon as needed. And iTunes can be such software since it works perfectly with your iPhone/iPod/iPad and Mac/Windows computer alike, plus, it has a better compatibility list than other applications so if you run into problems while using other apps to add or delete songs from your Pandora account, this one will resolve your problem.

The reason I choose to use iTunes is that most Apple users have it on their computer, and not only this application works flawlessly with our iPhone, iPod or iPad, but also the songs are stored in a library which allows us to access them quickly and easily. And after showing you an example of how to add songs from Pandora as well, we’ll dive right into deleting them by following these steps:

1. Make sure your iTunes is running on your PC/Mac before opening it on screen; if not, start it up then wait for the program to launch completely (if you need more information about how to get iTunes running with all its components optimized stay here).

2. Once done, click File>Add to Library… in the menu on the left to locate your Pandora folder, it’s usually situated in C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes unless you changed it.

3. You will now see a list with all your favorite tracks, so start checking them and click OK when done to add the files from the folder mentioned above to iTunes library.

4. If you use Windows 7/Vista/XP or higher, then drag and drop your music file into iTunes window as shown below:

5. Click Music>iTunes Media Folder Location if you’d like to move this entire library file for some reason (all other folders are safe though); go back to previous step 3 if not needed anymore.

6. Done!

Now that we’ve got things set up and ready to go, it’s time for us to make sure the whole process is as simple as possible because otherwise you’ll get frustrated real quick. And one of the best ways to do it can be achieved by following these steps:

1. Click View>Column Browser in order to expand your iTunes window and see more content at once; keep this window open all the time during music deletion from Pandora.

2. Head over to Playlists tab in Column Browser section (left-hand side) and click Radio in order to take out all the clutter on screen so you can see everything clearly; after doing so, check off “Artist” column to place it below “Title” and to the left of “Date Added”.

3. Finally, click Music tab to see all your songs at once (as shown in the image above), which will make things much easier for you to select tracks you want to erase from Pandora without spending too much time on this.

The last thing I need you to do before we are done is consider what methods you’d like to use in order to delete music from Pandora; since our goal here is not only showing you how it can be done but also letting you know about different ways of doing it faster and easier, so if I may, let’s dissect each of them right away:

1) Deleting Songs Directly From Computer – this option is good if you want to use iTunes library but don’t have access to it right now, then all you need is launch your web browser of choice (Chrome/Firefox/IE/Opera) and go to Pandora.com on address bar; from there, sign in into your account and click Radio icon as shown below:

2) Then click Edit>Select All to select all the songs that are currently playing on desktop, once done click Delete Song(s) or Delete All Songs depending how many files you have on Pandora database.

3) You can also edit tags before removing them by clicking Edit>Edit Song Info… – so add a comment about why you’re getting rid of a song if you feel like doing so, but this is not a mandatory step.

2) Deleting Music Directly From Pandora – you can also erase tracks right away from there without using your computer, which means no launching iTunes on Mac/PC or any other software that allows us to view our library and files stored in it; all you need to do is:

1) Open either Android or iOS application, then click Radio>Songs & Playlists section when inside the app. It’s important for you to make sure these two options are selected in order for you to be able to see songs stored on database of this music streaming service.

2) Once done, click Edit>Select All option as shown in image below:

3) Now you need to click Edit>Delete Song(s) or Delete All Songs depending on how many files you’d like to get rid off, that’s pretty much it.

And this is pretty much all I have to say about Pandora music deletion in short version, so if you’re interested in finding out more then stay with me because we’ve got a lot of interesting facts ahead as well as great tips which can come in handy during your free time!

In case you’ve read some part of this guide and don’t feel like reading remainder of it anymore, you can check out one of the video guides below – they are based on same principles but presented in slightly different way:

Or keep scrolling down if you want to learn more about music deletion from Pandora right now!

How To Delete Songs From Radio Station On Pandora Internet Radio

The process of deleting songs that are currently playing on Pandora internet radio is somewhat different than the one explained above because it requires a little bit more attention and time, but don’t worry, I’m here to help you out with all the steps as well as ensure that you can erase tracks directly from there without any risk – so let’s begin!

1) First of all, go ahead and launch your Safari browser on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch by tapping Home>Safari icon and then open Pandora.com in order to proceed further. Once ready, head over to the artist, genre, song or composer that you want to erase from the library;

2) In case you’re requesting a song that is playing live on Pandora internet radio then click Skip Song button and jump over to step #5 below. Otherwise, if the track has already been added to your station then all you need to do is tap Full Station List label directly below the screen. 3) Once done, click Edit>Select All option as shown in image below:

4) Now you need to tap Edit>Delete Song(s), wait for a few seconds until it says Done and proceed further with what’s left of tutorial!

Now various things such as music deletion per station are possible because of custom stations that we can create on Pandora, but let’s not skip these steps and create a new station now – so it will be easier for you to follow through the rest of this guide.

How To Delete Songs From Station On Pandora Radio Internet.

1) So as we already know, one of the best things about Pandora is an ability to customize existing radio stations or make a completely new one which is pretty easy to do; all you need to do in order to proceed further with new station creation process is visit Pandora.com on your favorite web browser and start off by clicking Edit>Edit Custom Stations option; then click + ADD button and follow each step carefully:

2) Once done, name your new station (the most important thing here would be entering.

How do you delete songs from Pandora?

To remove a single song, swipe the song title from right to left. To remove multiple songs simultaneously, tap the Edit button at the top of the list and delete them one at a time or swiping all desired tracks left.

Why can’t I delete stations on Pandora?

You may need to check the bookmark you use to access Pandora. The bookmark should only be: https://www.pandora.com If anything is at the end of that url (e.g., http://www.pandora.com/genre/new-pop), erase it and try loading Pandora again to see if your station has been deleted

How do I delete songs from my library but not my playlist?

Press Delete to remove the selected item from the list. If you are in a playlist, select an item and press Command+Option+Delete (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+Backspace (Windows).

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