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How do you know if someone deleted their twitter?


If you’re notified that you have been blocked from following a user and viewing their tweets, then it is likely that the account has already been deactivated.

We can assume it’s probably not much related to what they were tweeting before, when they still had an account. It is also unlikely that the deleted account was deactivated (inactive for a period of time) and then reactivated. In this case we could look at the content from before and after the disappearance to see if there was any change in topics or sentiment. A lot of people delete their twitter due to privacy concerns so often it seems like they just disappear off the face of the earth once their accounts are gone. But some deleted accounts can actually offer extra information:

This might appear as a boring graph, but it actually contains valuable intel on how people use Twitter, and how they change their behavior based on the content of the social media platform.

The graph above shows when users first joined Twitter (seen as “age” in the bottom right), and how many followers each person had over time. It’s hard to tell exactly what caused this unusual spike in new accounts, since it is only visible from 2012 onwards: it could have been a new feature or simply lots of new users signing up and behaving similarly. However, there are two interesting things to note here. Firstly, these newly registered twitter accounts have no followers at all; secondly, they also don’t follow anyone else (immediately). Both of these can be explained by the fact that people tend to be very careful with what information they put out there when they first join a social media site.

We also see that the recent spike in accounts has no initial followers or follows, but since these are all new users there is a chance that as they tweet more and interact with others more people will follow them (hopefully within the first two weeks to be included in our analysis) The chances of someone being followed depends on how many times a user tweets, though this isn’t shown here it’s easy enough to take into account if needed. In short we can see that there was a large influx of new twitter users at the end of 2012, some of which were somewhat active during 2013 but then went inactive again during 2014-2016: Perfect for investigating what happens when somebody deletes their twitter!

If we dig further into the data, and look at the users who didn’t deactivate their account but actually deleted it we see some interesting things. Let’s take a look at how many followers they had before they were deleted as well as how many tweets they made before hand:

From this graph you can tell that just over half of these accounts only tweeted once, whereas the rest had been tweeting for quite a while already. This means that if someone was following more than one person then there is even less chance that a tweet would be seen by them. It is also interesting to notice that everyone has an average of 1 follower, meaning they all followed nobody else on twitter after deleting their own account! If you were still wondering why this might be useful information, here is why:

This shows the top ten most popular deleted twitter user names. Notice how many accounts are included in this list, and also notice that there are over 138 thousand tweets between all 10 users before they were deleted. A lot of these tweets may contain personal information or even passwords! This could mean a lot for law enforcement agencies investigating crimes but it could also just be plain interesting to look at what people used to tweet about once they no longer have an account. For anyone who has had their Twitter account permanently removed due to being reported as spam (or hacked), this means you can still access some of your old content through a back-up or using third party tools like twindexer.com.

In this example we took a closer look at what was on offer from the 6 deleted twitter accounts located right in the center of our graph, three of which were still active when this data was collected. The word “delete” is another great keyword to search for since it isn’t used very often and so most likely will be found in content about deleting social media accounts. On top of that there seems to be quite a few more words including the word “you” which might refer to either users tweeting or other people interacting with them (such as following). Overall, we can see that some nice information could be extracted from these kinds of tweets!

How do you know if someone deleted their twitter?

If you’re notified that you have been blocked from following a user and viewing their tweets, then it is likely that the account has already been deactivated.

Can you still see a deactivated Twitter account?

After deactivating your account, you will be moved to Twitter’s database and can still be searched for up to 30 days after it is deleted.

What happens when a Twitter account is deleted?

If, during the next 30 days, you don’t log in to Twitter, it means you want to delete your account. Your data will not be recoverable once deletion is complete and your personal account information will be inaccessible.

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