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How do you mass delete messages on Facebook?


  1. Login from a browser, go to the conversation.
  2. Click the action icon from the upper right corner.
  3. From the action list, check “Delete selected”.
  4. You’ll see a “Delete” button next to every single messages.
  5. Just click on it to delete the related message.

How to delete ALL Facebook Messages all at once.

How to Delete all Facebook Messages in One Click | 100% Working

How do you delete multiple Facebook messages at once?

Step 1: Get the Facebook Fast Delete Messages plugin. Step 2: Log into your account and go to the Messages area (you’ll want to view them all at once). Step 3: Select Remove Entire Thread from the drop-down menu next to each message to remove it without opening it.

Is there a way to delete all Facebook Messenger messages at once?

When the “Open Your Messages” option appears, click it. The new button should be clicked. Once Deletion has appeared, select OK to finalize your action.

How do I delete all messages?

Open the Messages app and go to a chat thread. Choose a chat thread. To highlight a message, touch and hold it for a few seconds. Tap any additional messages you wish to remove. To erase your conversations, tap the trash can symbol from the menu bar at the top of the application screen.

How do you delete old Messenger messages on both sides 2022?

To remove messages on Messenger from both parties, tap the message, then “More…”, choose “Delete”, and press “Unsend.” What is this? The message will be erased from your side of the conversation and the receiver’s side of the conversation after you’ve selected “Unsend.”

How do you delete all messages on Facebook Mobile?

Delete Messages… allows you to eliminate conversations one by one. Select individual or multiple messages in the conversation, then click the “Delete” button at the bottom of the page. Instead of selecting “Delete Messages…” from the Action menu, choose “Delete Conversation…” to remove the entire discussion. You’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to delete it.

How do you delete conversations on Facebook Messenger mobile?

To erase a conversation on Android, open the one you’d like to delete and go to Settings > Messages. On Android, find the message thread you wish to remove from the list, then press and hold it while choosing Delete.

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