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Is your Facebook ever really deleted?


“All user-generated content is usually deleted when you cancel your account, although there are notable exceptions (although there are minor limitations). All log data, on the other hand, is saved – permanently.” Your name will not be linked to the stored data.

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Does deleting Facebook delete everything?

What if I delete my Facebook account permanently? Your profile, photographs, postings, films, and everything else you’ve added will be totally erased. You won’t be able to recover anything you’ve uploaded. You’ll be unable to use Facebook Messenger in the future.

Can a deleted Facebook account be traced?

Even after you’ve deleted your account, Facebook will continue to track you. However, you may prevent it. Even if you intend to terminate your Facebook account, the service will keep tracking you and gathering information. You’ll need to take additional measures if you want to stay off of Facebook’s radar permanently.

How long does Facebook keep data from deleted accounts?

According to Facebook, it maintains “backup copies for a reasonable amount of time” after deletion, and that can be as long as three months. It also says it may keep copies of “certain data” from terminated accounts, but personal identifiers are removed.

What do friends see when I delete my Facebook account?

Deactivate your Facebook account: What Happens If You Do It? When you deactivate your Facebook profile, you will not receive any notification from the site. Unless they try to look for your now-deactivated account or ask you in person, your friends will be unaware that you’ve disabled it.

What happens after I delete my Facebook account?

Your account will be permanently deleted, including your profile, photos, videos, and everything else you’ve submitted. You won’t be able to retrieve anything you’ve put on there. Facebook Messenger will no longer be available to you.

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