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Can Amazon delete your account?


If you want to close an Amazon account, it does not matter what stage of the signup process you are at; a customer service representative must do it for you. However, there are cases when some accounts can be closed.

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How long does it take for an Amazon account to be deleted?

To keep from running into some trouble, we’ll make sure to delete your account. The timeframe for deletion is usually within 12-48 hours but sometimes take less time.

Should I delete my Amazon account?

Is it worth keeping an Amazon account? Maybe you don’t want to support Amazon’s corporate policies or its contentious HR rules any longer. Perhaps you just don’t use Amazon and want to remove your financial information from the web. It’s a good idea to terminate your account, whatever the reason may be.

Can you get blacklisted from Amazon?

The Wall Street Journal claims that Amazon will ban customers from using the site to return too many items—sometimes without informing the customer why they’re being banned. And, if you ever do anything on the internet that might get you into trouble, you may be sued by Amazon.

Can you be banned from Amazon?

Amazon is the most popular e-commerce site in the world, with over 300 million customers. To preserve peace, the system may temporarily and permanently block users. Don’t worry if you can’t access your account because it was closed; many people are banned from Amazon on a regular basis.

Does Amazon warn you before banning?

Amazon will contact you to notify you if your account is at risk of being banned or if it is closed after repeated policy breaches. To gain a deeper understanding of Amazon’s requirements and exemptions, go online to the company’s website to read the entire return policy.

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