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Can I cancel Amazon Prime and get a refund?


End Your Amazon Prime Membership. You can end your Prime membership by clicking the “End Membership” button on this page. Paid members who haven’t used their benefits are eligible for a full refund of the current membership period. This refund will be processed in 3-5 business days.

How To Cancel Amazon Prime And Get 999 Money Refund Back In Hindi

A few months ago a user on Quora asked, “Can I cancel Amazon Prime and get a refund?” As we all know, it’s almost impossible to make money with amazon. So you can easily believe they don’t want to give back the money for amazon prime! Well, that’s not the answer we want to hear. Another user also added:

You could try to call them up customer service and ask politely if they could cancel your account along with your subscription but given that Amazon has so many ways of knowing what is in our wishlists or what our next purchases are most likely they probably won’t budge. If you have an existing membership then you would have to keep making the renewal payment every year which would be inconvenient and irritating.

They are not going to let you get away without paying your membership fee! The only way could have been to cancel it before the renewal date, which is a few weeks ahead of time. Just ask for money back or wait until the next time Amazon decides to do an offer for Prime memberships with some extra discount. All in all, if you like amazon prime, just stick with it till they finally give something better or cheaper!

# Can I cancel my Amazon Prime account? – If you’re still interested in canceling your amazon prime subscription then keep reading…

How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership: Step-By-Step Guide

In this step by guide we will show you how to cancel your Amazon prime membership. We will also show you whether or not it’s possible to get a refund if you are still interested in canceling your membership and wanting the money back that you paid so far for nothing!

Step1: Access Amazon Prime Cancellation Page

You can access amazon prime cancellation page by visiting “Cancel Your Membership” page on Amazon.com here . So, log into your account and click on the tab with unsubscribe option which is present below all of your recent orders that are there at the top of the screen. When next page appears again search for “cancel” in right hand corner and surely enough, an option will appear with cancel as well as continue options.

Step2: Cancel Amazon Prime

The next page will show you all the details about your membership as well as a button to cancel amazon prime. You can close the window anytime and if you click on cancel it will start a cancellation process for you, which is pretty fast so don’t be worried! After that you need to enter your card details and then they will charge the last months’ subscription fee from your card. If you have set up any of your funds to automatically pull out of your account or credit card for auto-renewal purposes, then make sure that these automatic deductions are stopped before proceeding.

*Tip: If you want to use the money from auto renewal just use it yourself or save it for something else.

Step3: Cancellation Confirmation

Once you have successfully canceled your amazon prime account, it will confirm you that your membership is permanently cancelled and no recurring charges will be made to your account. But don’t forget about the shipping fees! They’ll still charge you every time an order gets shipped. So make sure that since then, you visit “your orders” page on Amazon to cancel the free trials of any other service or product subscriptions which are being sent to you for almost free! Otherwise, there is no way to avoid getting those shipments. You can easily access that page by clicking here . Just click on view all button and enter date range in search bar present at top of page. You will then see all orders/subscriptions that were charged to your card or bank account during the selected time period. Now you can easily cancel them since you already know how!

Once again, if you are still interested in cancelling your amazon prime membership then keep reading… if not.. click here.

How To Cancel Amazon Prime?

Amazon offers a 30-day trial for its prime memberships which is very nice but canceling your subscription becomes even more important when it comes to this “free trial”. You might think, what’s the big deal, just leave it be and cancel after 30 days and that way I won’t lose anything… WRONG! Even though some people claim that it’s absolutely possible to cancel your subscription even after 30 days, it might not work like you think. So learn from others’ experience with this topic and make sure that if you are planning to subscribe for a free trial of Amazon Prime membership, then please try canceling the service before the end of the trial period! In case you miss doing that then there will be $99 up-front charge charged to your card or bank account within 48 hours of extending the subscription for another year unless you contact them beforehand by emailing amazon prime support team at: [email protected] .

Amazon offers two ways in which users can have their accounts cancelled and deleted. There is a cancellation process where it takes place immediately and there is a deletion process which takes place within 30 days. By performing the first process, your data will be deleted and account will be canceled immediately but in case of second method, your account will be deleted after 30 days and until then your details will still remain online. So choose wisely now!

How to Refund Money End 

Remember: When you try to cancel your prime membership and get billed for a year of service anyway, don’t just keep quiet… fight back! Call them up as soon as possible from customer care number 1-888-280-3321 . Tell them that you already contacted their support team via email before purchasing the subscription and received written confirmation about not being charged again since you requested cancellation prior to 31st day i.e at least one day before the trial period was over. You might even want to attach this page to your email and send it back to them!

Moreover, if they still decide not to refund the amount you have paid then you can make use of your credit card and dispute the charges with their support team by faxing them a letter explaining that you never agreed on any renewal fee since you requested cancellation prior to 31st day i.e at least one day before the trial period was over. If they fail to respond in time then contact your bank immediately and ask for a full refund through chargeback process which will affect them financially instead of making you pay for something you did not want from the beginning! After all, we are living in modern times so there is no reason not to fight back and stand up for your rights!

Good luck! Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions you have. I’ll be happy to read them all so let me know! 🙂


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Can I cancel Amazon Prime and get a refund?

End Your Amazon Prime Membership. You can end your Prime membership by clicking the “End Membership” button on this page. Paid members who haven’t used their benefits are eligible for a full refund of the current membership period. This refund will be processed in 3-5 business days.

if i cancel amazon prime, does it end immediately?

You can click “End My Benefits” and go through the prompts to continue the cancellation process. Finally, you’ll be prompted to confirm the cancellation of your membership. Your membership won’t actually end until the end of the period you’ve paid for.

Will I lose Prime benefits if I cancel?

Even if you can’t get a refund, you can cancel Prime and you’ll keep your benefits until the end of your paid membership period. Amazon won’t automatically charge you to renew.

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