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Can I change my email on my ps4 account?


  1. Changing your email on a PS4 allows you to update
  2. privacy information especially if your account houses an email that you no longer use or have access to.

How to Change PSN Email Address on PS4 (Best Method)

How to Change your Email ID in PS4 PRO or PS4 Console?

What happens if you change your PSN email?

The SEN/PSN account you use for the Playstation also has an e-mail address attached to it. To change your email address, log in and go to “Account Management” then choose “Update Account Information.” Once the system prompts you, enter your desired email address as well as a temporary password of your choice. This will allow you to sign in with that new information when next connecting.

How do I change my email on PS4 without password?

However, if you do not know your email address or can no longer access it, contact Sony. There is no other way to reset your PlayStation Network password but to contact customer support.

How do I revert back to my old PSN ID?

You can’t revert back to your old PSN ID. You can, however, change your name on your PSN account at any time.

How do I change primary user on PS4?

To change the primary user on PS4, go to Settings > Users > Change Primary User.

Does changing your PS4 name affect games?

Changing your PS4 name will not affect your games at all. You can change your PSN ID as often as you want without any consequences.

What email does PlayStation use?

PlayStation has a PlayStation.com email address, which is used for customer service and other inquiries.

How do I change my residential address on PS4?

The first thing you need to do is sign out of your PS4. You can do this by selecting the “PlayStation” icon at the top left of the home screen and then selecting “Sign Out.” On the next screen, select “Yes” to confirm.
Next, go to the PlayStation Store and select “Redeem Codes” from the menu on the left side of the screen. Enter your code and select “Redeem.