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Can I delete CyberLink?


To remove Cyberlink programs, go to the uninstaller for the Media Suite. To delete things like After Effects and Premier Pro, use their own uninstallers rather than Uninstaller by Cyberlink (Uninstaller). Because you’ll need to erase them one at a time.

Uninstall CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate in Windows 10

Uninstall CyberLink PowerDirector 17 in Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Can I delete CyberLink?

CyberLink Media Suite is typically pre-installed on ASUS computers, but it’s just a bloatware or bundleware program.

Are CyberLink programs necessary?

Experts agree that CyberLink Media Suite, which is installed by default on ASUS computers, falls under the category of “bloatware” and can be safely removed from your system.

What is CyberLink and why is it on my computer?

CyberLink Media Suite is a multimedia software package installed on Windows 8 systems with an optical drive. … This software includes tools to perform various functions such as video editing, movie creation, burning discs, and backup and recovery. There are two versions of this software — Essentials and Premium.

Is it OK to delete CyberLink PowerDirector?

While this is a video editing application, it is often used by people who are not experienced with the software and who cannot remove it. In addition to taking up considerable disk space, PowerDirector’s stabilization tool can help you fix the rotation camera shake.

Is CyberLink malware?

Clicking on the software name in the list of available versions will direct you to a page that offers a free version for download.

Does Windows 10 have CyberLink?

CyberLink has incorporated a Windows 10 compatibility checker so that our users know if they’re using older versions of software. To find out, refer to the following.

What is “Ads by CyberLink”?

The advertisement called “Ads by CyberLink” belongs to the category of Potentially Unwanted Programs or PUP. Such applications are distributed secretly on the Internet and often deceive users into thinking that they might be legitimate software. In fact, these programs are designed only for generating income on one side, while posing potential risks to computer security on the other side. These ads try to promote various websites – most of them don’t look trustworthy enough and their services may seem unnecessary though attractive. You’ll see a lot of pop-ups and banners while surfing the web if this adware is installed on your PC. If you have already noticed such ads, this means that CyberLink could sneak inside your computer without permission.

How can “Ads by CyberLink” hijack my computer?

This software goes to any lengths to ensure its infiltration. The sources of distribution may be dubious file-sharing websites, torrent clients, deceitful online ads, and misleading links in emails that trick victims into installing some programs. Beware of suspicious emails offering free services like games and movies because they are most probably designed for distributing unknown viruses just like CyberLink infection. Also, keep track of the links that you click inside a website as hackers often place malicious code on reputable web pages.

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