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can i delete messages on tiktok?


Yes, you can delete messages on TikTok by following these steps:

  1. Open the message you want to delete.
  2. Tap the three lines in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. Select Delete Message.
  4. Confirm your choice by tapping OK.

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Can you private message on TikTok?

Yes, you can private message on TikTok. However, only people who have been added as friends can message you.

What happens when you message on TikTok?

You can send messages to other users on TikTok. When you message someone, they will get a notification that they have a new message from you.

How do I turn on messages on TikTok?

To turn on messages on TikTok, go to your profile and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Tap “Privacy and safety,” then toggle on the “Private messages” option.

Can people see if you see messages on TikTok?

Yes, people can see if you see messages on TikTok by looking at your message history.

Can you DM someone on TikTok if they don’t follow you?

Yes, you can DM someone on TikTok if they don’t follow you.

Why can’t TikTok 2022 send messages?

There are a few reasons why TikTok might not be able to send messages in 2022. One possibility is that the app doesn’t have the necessary infrastructure in place to support messaging. Another possibility is that TikTok’s messaging feature could be turned off by the Chinese government.

How do I turn on messages on TikTok 2022?

To turn on messages on TikTok 2022, open the app and go to Settings. Under “Messages,” tap “On.

Why can’t I get messages on TikTok?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to get messages on TikTok. First, make sure that you have the latest version of the app installed. If you’re still having trouble, try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, try deleting and reinstalling the app.

Why can’t I see my TikTok messages?

There could be a few reasons why you’re not seeing your TikTok messages. One possibility is that you have notifications turned off for the app. Another possibility is that you’ve been blocked by the person you’re trying to message.

How do you chat with someone on TikTok?

There are a few ways to chat with someone on TikTok. You can start by tapping on their profile picture and then selecting “Message.” You can also type a message and then tap on the “Send” button. Finally, you can use the “Camera” button to take a selfie and then send it as a message.

Where is the inbox on TikTok?

The inbox is located in the top right corner of the TikTok app. To access it, tap on the envelope icon.

How do you know if someone blocked you on TikTok?

There is no way to directly tell if someone has blocked you on TikTok. However, if you try to view their profile and it says “User not found,” then it’s likely that they have blocked you.

How do I fix TikTok messages?

There are a few ways to fix TikTok messages:
-Delete the message and re-send it.
-Swipe left on the message to delete it, then tap “Save.”
-Tap and hold on the message, then choose “Copy Message.” Tap “Paste” to paste the copied message into a new message.

Who viewed my profile in TikTok?

There’s no way to tell who has viewed your profile on TikTok. The app doesn’t keep track of that information.

Does TikTok tell you who viewed your profile 2022?

No, TikTok does not currently tell users who has viewed their profile. However, this may change in the future as the app continues to evolve.

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