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Can I delete my apex Legends account?


  1. Account deletion is permanent and can never be reversed.
  2. Deleting an account erases your personal account information from our account and customer services databases.
  3. Permanently. Once your account is deleted you’ll lose access to your games.
  4. Subscriptions, and in-game purchases associated with the account.

Apex Legends Deleting and Reinstalling

Apex Legend account reset

How do I delete my EA account on Apex Legends?

You can delete your account by following these steps:
Go to the Account Settings page on Origin
Select “Delete my account”
Confirm the deletion
You will then be asked for a reason for deleting your account.

How do I delete Apex Legends progress?

If you have deleted Apex Legends, then you are unable to restore your progress. You can only play the game again by downloading it.

How do I cancel my apex account?

You can cancel your account by clicking on the “Cancel Account” link on the dashboard.

Can I delete my Origin account?

Yes, you can delete your Origin account. To do so, go to the “My Account” section of the Origin client and click on “Delete Account.

How do I merge Apex accounts?

To merge accounts, you would need to delete the account that will be deleted. Google will then prompt you to merge the other account with the account that is still active.

How do you delete your account on PS4?

To delete your account on PS4, go to the Settings menu and select Account Management. Select “Delete User” then confirm that you want to delete your account by selecting “Yes.

What happens if I delete my PS4 account?

If you delete your PS4 account, all of the data associated with it will be deleted. This includes any games or apps that were purchased on your account. You will also lose access to any online content that was available on your account.

How do I delete my PS4 account but keep my games?

There are two ways to delete your PS4 account. The first is through the PlayStation Network website and the other is through the console. If you want to delete your account through the PlayStation Network website, click on “Accounts” then select “Account Information.” Type in your password and then click on “Delete Account.” You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete your account and all of its information.

Can you delete a game from one account on PS4?

Yes you can! If you have a PS4, and it’s connected to the internet, all you need to do is sign out of your account and sign into another one.

How do I remove a game from my PlayStation account?

It is not possible to remove a game from your PlayStation account. The only way to remove a game from your PlayStation account is to delete the entire account.

What happens if you delete a game that costs money on PS4?

If you delete a game that costs money on PS4, you will not be able to purchase the game again. However, if your account is linked with a PlayStation Plus account, you can re-download the game for free.

How do you delete a game?

To delete a game, go to the “My Games” tab on the Game Pass page. From there, you can select the game and click “Delete.