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Can I delete my bumble account and start over?


  1. Tap the “Settings” icon in the upper left of the screen.
  2. Tap “Delete Account” at the very bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the reason for deleting your account.
  4. Confirm the action by tapping “Delete Account”

How to Reset Your Bumble Account!

How to delete a Bumble account permanently

Should I delete my Bumble account and make a new one?

While we don’t think that Bumble is correct, you should concentrate on improving your profile rather than constantly resetting it. The only drawback to resetting your Bumble account is that it may result in more connections, but this isn’t an issue if you focus on enhancing your profile instead.

What happens when you delete Bumble profile?

Although the Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, or Coffee Meets Bagel apps may be deleted from your phone, your profile is not removed. Simply taking away the app from your home screen does not erase your account; it merely removes the app from your device. If you reinstall the program through the App Store or Google Play later on, your account will be restored.

Does deleting Bumble delete everything?

As with any other program, deleting the Bumble app from your phone will not remove your account. The Bumble app does not delete accounts automatically. To verify that your account has been deleted, return to the registration page on the Bumble app. If you attempt to log back in, it will automatically create a new account for you.

How do I delete my Bumble account?

Select “Manage your subscription” from the drop-down menu. Click “Cancel” to cancel your subscription.

Can you have 2 Bumble accounts?

Yes, you may use more than one Bumble mode at a time while keeping separate profiles for each.

How long does Bumble keep your profile active?

For 30 days after you created your Bumble account, your profile will be available to active users. Your profile may not be visible to active users if you haven’t used your account in more than 30 days.

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