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Can I delete my discord account?


To delete your Discord account, go to the “My Account” page in your settings. This cannot be undone — all your data will be permanently deleted. If you own a server, you’ll need to transfer ownership before deleting your account.

No. You can’t delete your discord account without deleting your profile from the server you’re on. We will do a ban-assisted deletion, but a new one will be made if someone else wants to take the role of that name in the future.

Why can’t I delete my discord account?

If you want to stop coming onto our servers, instead of deleting your account please just deactivate it instead and come back when you feel like it! We only don’t allow deletions because we don’t know who might take that username eventually and what they could use it for (such as sending copyrighted things) so we have to make sure a user is gone for good before accepting a deletion request. That also means we can’t accept any requests to delete a profile even if you’ve changed your username on the server.

If I deactivate my account, will I still be able to log into the servers?

Yes! You won’t be able to log in through discord but if you have your old password from when you signed up with a different email then you’ll be able to login that way instead. Just remember your old password does not stay the same when you revoke access through discord so don’t let other people use it because they won’t be able to log in after 30 days either!

Can I reactivate my account once it’s been deleted/banned?

No. If we ban an account, make sure it’s going and not coming back! Even though the same username cannot be taken, there is nothing stopping someone from creating a new account with your IP address so make sure you’re definitely gone for good.

What if I buy a server to play on after my account has been banned?

If you create another discord profile even with different information, we will immediately ban your new one as well. Your old profile will never come back no matter what you do or who you do it through.

Why can’t I deactivate my account?

We only allow users to deactivate their accounts willingly in order to prevent potential hackers from deleting them without our permission and taking over that user’s role. If this happens we would have to rename the server and start over, which is why we don’t allow users to make this decision for us.

I accidentally deactivated my account before I was done using it! Can you reactivate it?

No. Once an account is deactivated, even if you were intending to come back soon, that’s no longer possible. If you try logging in again after 30 days (31 days after a quick login reset) your old password will not work anymore so please set up a new one from scratch or get the person who has access to the email associated with your discord account to delete it instead.

If my profile gets deleted/banned, can I still talk & How about text channels? Are they deleted too?

They’re deleted together with your profile. If they weren’t taken before you were banned, then the username will be free for anyone to take after 30 days and start making new channels (but only the ones that everyone on the server has access to can be made by those who don’t have a role) so make sure if there are any private channels you had that no one else should have access to them that you make them password protected as soon as possible!

I changed my email when I created my discord account! Can I change it back?

Unfortunately no. In order to keep our servers safe we do not allow admins or mods to change an email associated with a user without going through extra security measures and contacting the discord support team. If you no longer have access to your email, please contact the person who has access to it and they can change it for you or delete the account if there are reasons why you don’t want an account anymore.

I changed my name! Can I revert that?

If we’ve already renamed servers (or other things) in order to fit a user’s new name, then we may be able to temporarily rename back so that their profile isn’t deleted but if they’re going long term and not coming back, then the original username will stay banned/deleted permanently. We’ll try our best though!

What about changes in my appearance & My gender or my status? Does Discord know these details?

Our only concern is username changes and it’s the only thing we ask for when someone requests a change in their email. We don’t pay attention to anything else listed in your profile, such as your status, name or gender so you can permanently change these things if you’re not willing to come back on regular basis with our new system.

Are deleted profiles still able to communicate through the Global Chat/other channels/private messages?

No they are removed entirely from the server including all of their conversations, bans and preferences. The only thing that will be left over once an account is gone are any roles the user had before they were banned and you’ll have to discuss things relevant to those roles without them unless they come back.

I think my account was deleted unfairly! How do I get it back?

We’ll review your case and determine if that’s true or not before we can reconsider a deleting process but if you have no access to the email associated with this discord account, the best thing for you to do is contact the person who does and ask them to delete your profile since they’re the only one able to do so now.

Who has access to my personal information in case of an emergency?

Aside from us administrators, only a select few people have access to any user information such as emails or passwords on our end but we certainly will never give out any of that info unless needed for official business. You can remove someone from that list at any time by clicking here .

Someone is abusing their power or the rules! What do we do?

You can bring this up to any of our admins or mods in a private message and as long as there’s enough evidence, they will notify another admin about it who has access to more options than regular mods would including setting different bans for different reasons on individual accounts. If anyone abuses their power/breaks the rules intentionally though, we will have no choice but to ban them without mercy. That said, if you feel like someone is misusing their powers, please don’t harass them yourself and immediately contact one of us instead since harassment won’t be tolerated either.

How can I let people know about a new server I started?

Yes, simply click here and follow the instructions to share a link with others. You’ll find options to make it conspicuous as well so that your message will be seen by more users.

I want my server removed from Discord! Can you remove all traces of it from your site?

Unfortunately no but we do offer an option to remove the name entirely if you want it gone for good. Click here for further details.

Can I transfer an account to someone else’s email address?

You can transfer accounts to anyone’s email so long as they have access to it but there are no other ways to change this information while the account remains on one of our servers. If you regain access to your old email address, simply contact us and we’ll set everything back up for you.

What happens if I stop using Discord?

This is entirely up to you! There is nothing forcing you to keep an active account besides keeping a few roles around (if any) or just knowing that people will miss you if you leave. However, we do require emails attached for all accounts so that it can always be accessed by you if needed.

What happens to any roles I have after an account is deleted? Can they be transferred or passed on to someone else?

They will go away with the rest of your account so anything that was dependent on those roles/permissions such as channels and permissions will also disappear along with them. However, if another user retains all their roles from a previous profile, it’s still possible to transfer them over manually but only users who were previously in charge of any channels you might’ve owned can do this. You’ll find further info here .

I’m having trouble logging into my account! What gives? How can I reset my password/email address?

First, try clicking here which should take you to a page that can recover your account by either email or ip address. If that doesn’t work, you might’ve been banned from the site which is different from being banned on our servers and in this case, please contact us directly so we can check what’s going on.

I’d like to suggest something! How do I go about doing this?

To send us suggestions or feedback of any kind, simply click here . However, if there’s anything urgent that needs immediate attention, it would be best if you sent one of the admins/mods a message using the Discord server itself instead since it will get noticed faster than an email could.

Can I delete my discord account?

To delete your Discord account, go to the “My Account” page in your settings. This cannot be undone — all your data will be permanently deleted. If you own a server, you’ll need to transfer ownership before deleting your account.

How long does Discord take to delete account?

Unfortunately a deletion takes 14-30 days to fully complete.

Does deleting Discord account delete all messages?

If you delete your account, all bulk messages that have been sent should be deleted.

Do disabled Discord accounts get deleted?

If you don’t want to permanently delete your account, then you might be wondering how it will look and act after disabling it.

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