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Can I delete my fanfiction net account?


  1. You can’t delete your account.
  2. Use the tip below to anonymise your profile.
  3. And make sure to remove all your stories manually.
  4. Also, you may try to ask for account removal per email: [email protected].

How to Delete Any Website Account

I made a fanfiction.net account

Is fanfiction net legal?

Fanfiction is considered a copyright infringement due to its originality. Fanfiction employs settings and characters that have been borrowed from an original work of fiction. It produces an unoriginal product. All of this does is fall foul of copyright law.

Is fanfiction net a safe app?

Yes. FanFiction.Net is a completely secure site to visit. This conclusion comes from our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the AppStore aggregate rating of 3.8/5. The Justuseapp Safety Score for FanFiction.Net is 49.9 out of 100

Did fanfiction net delete stories?

FanFiction.Net’s purge removed works by Harry Potter, Naruto, and Twilight, among others. After a change allowing persons under the age of eighteen to join FanFiction. Net, the site deleted roughly 62,000 tales.

Is FanFiction net still active?

As of 2018, the website has over 10 million users and stories in over 40 different languages. Fan Fiction. Net also includes active forums for fans to talk about their interests; communities of hand-picked, moderated fiction; and a list of beta readers who can assist writers in improving their work.

How do I delete a story on FanFiction net?

To remove the stories you’ve downloaded, press and hold any story until it says “Multi Select” and “Translate.” If you pick “Multi Select,” a trashcan symbol appears at the bottom of the page, and you may simply choose the tales you want to delete on the right side next to the tale.

How do you read reviews on FanFiction Net App?

If you’re viewing FFnet through a browser, just click or tap the work’s name, then the number that follows “Reviews:” to display all reviews for it.

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