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Can I delete my hinge account?


  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Account.
  3. Tap Delete Account.

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Hinge Account Delete | how to delete hinge account permanently

What happens if I delete my Hinge account?

Deletion of the Hinge account removes all of your Hinge content, including matches, messages, photos, and profile information. As a result, you will no longer appear in other users’ Discover recommendations or in their “Matches” or “Likes You” sections.

Does Hinge show your profile if you delete the app?

Even if you delete the app from your phone, your zombie profile can stay there and be shown to others. So, for example, assume you meet someone through Hinge, fall in love, and then remove Hinge from your phone (but not the entire account). Your profile is still on Hinge in spite of the fact that you don’t

Can I get my Hinge account back after deleting it?

Go to the Account screen by tapping the Settings icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Tap the Account option in the drop-down menu. Select Upgrade to Preferred Membership from the options given. -> Tap Upgrade to Preferred Membership in the top left corner of your display. Select Restore subscription from the choices presented after that.

Does Hinge delete all data?

Even if you delete your account, don’t just throw the program on your phone; your information “may be kept for [their] legitimate business purposes,” whatever that means.

Can you change your number on Hinge?

Hinge does not currently allow members to update their phone numbers. We are working towards implementing a means of recovering your account that will let you transfer your phone number or login information in the future.

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