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Can I delete my MyLife account?


Remove your profile by phone. Call MyLife customer service at 1-888-704-1900 and tell them that you’d like to delete your account. -Removing your profile via email. Send a note to [email protected]

Sorry, you can’t. We delete accounts on a case-by-case basis where we believe there is evidence of abuse (ie: someone has taken over your account.) You need to report this to us via our helpdesk at [email protected] so that we can investigate further and obtain the appropriate evidence when reviewed by a MyLife employee.

Our legal team will assess this request in relation to applicable laws before taking any action. If it turns out we don’t have any legal justification for deleting your account, then, sorry but no dice – your account will stay exactly how it is and you’ll need to continue living with the page!

If we do agree your account should be deleted because it was compromised, you will not be able to create a new account under your name.

Will I still get updates from my friends and family’s MyLife pages?

Yes! You’ll only lose updates from the accounts that you follow on your own page. For example: if you follow John Smith’s MyLife page, you’ll see all his updates in the activity feed like normal. If he unfollows you or deletes his page, then this won’t affect any of your other feeds – just the one for John Smith. Your update stream will look exactly as it did before (eg: there will still be three streams per view and the same number of updates per stream.)

How do I delete a friend’s MyLife page?

You can’t. If you want to remove a friend from your updates, simply unfollow them or ‘block’ them in the settings panel. This will affect your own page too, so if you block a friend of yours then they won’t be able to see any future posts that you make on MyLife either.

If I delete my MyLife account, will my friends still be able to see their activity feeds? Yes! Your friends will still be able to view their updates after you’ve deleted your account. They’ll just no longer receive notifications for new posts and other activity within MyLife such as likes/comments etc.. For example: If John has been receiving notification when Mary comments on his post, but Mary blocks John on MyLife, then he will not receive a notification.

So when can I delete my account?

Sorry, we don’t know! We reserve the right to remove accounts that are being abused by someone who has taken over your identity. However please be aware this is done on a case-by-case basis and it could take us months before we have reviewed your request. If you feel like someone has compromised your MyLife account, please email [email protected] with as much detail about the incident as possible and our customer support team will help you resolve this matter as soon as they can. We would also appreciate if you could provide any evidence of the abuse (screenshots etc) so that we can have this available for review when our legal team analyses the request. If we don’t feel that your account was compromised, then unfortunately we cannot delete your account at present.

So what happens if I delete my MyLife account?

If you decide to delete your MyLife account, you will no longer have access to any online products and services associated with it (eg: MyLife Updates, the activity feed etc.) You’ll also lose all of your personal data including photos and all of the information stored in MyLife contacts such as mobile numbers and email addresses. We won’t be storing or retaining any of this information after you’ve deleted your account – so if there are any important details you’d like us to store, please let us know at the time of your request.

If you are requesting deletion and are not able to provide some of the required evidence we may be unable to fulfill this request without such information. For example, if you don’t know the answer to a security question, please let us know as soon as possible so we can assist in resolving any issues regarding getting access to an account that has been compromised

One last thing – what does “permanently delete” mean anyway?

When we say “permanently delete”, this means that: a) Your account will no longer exist on MyLife servers, b) all personal data associated with it will be deleted from these servers including pictures and contact information stored in your own MyLife contacts and third party account integration (eg: Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and c) all other information such as posts and comments will be deleted from any pages that you have previously interacted with.

But I’ve heard about MyLife ‘deleting’ your account?

Some of you may have read on a few message boards where our users were concerned after they tried to delete their accounts by clicking the ‘delete account’ button which appears in both the settings panel and at the bottom of every page when logged in. This only deletes specific data associated with your current visit to MyLife – however, does not permanently delete your entire account or profile from our servers! If you log back into MyLife with the same username then old information will come to life again. This feature is useful for users who may wish to delete certain data associated with their current session, but not necessarily want to permanently delete their entire MyLife account at the present time.

Can’t I just change my username or email address instead?

If you are looking to modify your profile, there’s no need to ask us to ‘delete’ your account as we offer this service by letting you change any aspect of your profile including a) Username b) Email Address c) Password d) Security Questions e) MyLife contacts and f) Personal information such as date of birth, etc.. You can manage these details in our Settings Panel under the Account tab. However, it is important to note that changing your username will not affect the origins of any previous content you’ve previously shared in MyLife as it is already associated with your old username.

You’ll keep sharing on the same activity feed from that original profile, and we recommend taking a screenshot of the content so that someone cannot still access it using the new name you have chosen! If there were any posts or pictures you would like deleted for being associated with an old username, please see our mass removal support article here: http://support.mylife.com/kb/a907430177190328728-remove-multiple-items

If I choose to delete my account can I get my personal information back at a later date?

We will no longer have access to your personal data after you have deleted your account from MyLife servers. We cannot guarantee if we were to restore your account that the information would be in the same format or state as it was when you’d originally requested deletion.

However, if there is an urgent reason why you need us to retain any of this information and then re-share into your new MyLife profile (for example You’ve submitted an accident claim with a car insurance company and would like us to hold onto details such as registered vehicle details etc,) then please let us know at the time of deleting.

Can I opt back in again to MyLife later?

Of course! reinstating your account back into our system takes just one click. See: http://support.mylife.com/kb/a907423445221524478-reactivate-account

If I choose to delete my account can the data still be accessed by anyone else?

When you permanently delete your account, all personal information associated with it is removed from our servers – including pictures and contact information stored in your own MyLife contacts! All other metrics such as posts shared on activity feeds and comments are publicly displayed. We do not remove this content, rather we build relevant ‘insights’ around it for other users to read and interact with. This is all part of how we collectively find friends through mutual interests and keep everyone informed about what’s going on at MyLife.

If I want to delete my account, are there any restrictions?

We’d like to make sure you’re aware of the following before opting to permanently delete your account: a) It takes up to 24 hours for your data associated with your profile to be removed from all activity feeds b) During this period, any users who knew you personally will still be able to access your old details. This is down to how we have designed our system as we rely heavily on communal interaction within MyLife. c) Once deleted, this information cannot be recovered (unless we were provided notice at the time of deletion and given permission by the user). d) If you opt back into MyLife after deleting it – then none of these points above will apply. You will be able to log in as usual and will have full control over your new profile.

Does deleting my account delete all content I’ve previously been posting on MyLife?

If you currently share content through existing public or private activity feed, then this content will continue to be available via that same link after you choose to delete your account. For example, www.mylife.com/profile/abc123 might still exist whilst the username is abc1234 – however, if you were to change your name or delete it then the web address would then become invalid along with any posts or pictures previously associated with that identifier..

Can I see what my old profile looked like before it was deleted?

Yes, you can. You can visit the last screen of your old profile to see a summary page and any content that was previously shared through it. For example http://www.mylife.com/profile/abc123

Do my friends still have access to my personal information if I delete my account?

Your ‘friends’ will no longer be able to contact you via MyLife after your profile is deleted because the email address used to create your account has also been removed from our system! We do not use an alternate email for registration within MyLife so there’s nowhere else for us to forward any emails.. However, as we mentioned earlier – all activity feeds are publicly available for everyone with access to them whether or not they were friends with the individual who posted them. This means your posts will still be visible to those who knew you personally before you deleted your account – although only via the new MyLife web address (see example link above).

How do I delete my profile?

In order to permanently remove yourself from our system, please click on ‘my life’ at the top of every page, and in full view of any other ‘MyLife users simply click “delete profile” – this will then prompt you for a password to verify that you’re the owner of the account. Once entered correctly – please confirm by clicking ‘ok’. The process should now begin and once complete – all of your personal data will be removed.. All content previously created by you will no longer be visible through your previous username and web address. After 24 hours, the only way for any content to become available again is by once more establishing a new account – this time with unique email verification details.

Can I delete my MyLife account?

Remove your profile by phone. Call MyLife customer service at 1-888-704-1900 and tell them that you’d like to delete your account. -Removing your profile via email. Send a note to [email protected]

How does MyLife know who is searching for me?

MyLife uses third-party data sources, as well as written reviews by friends and strangers. In order to create a complete listing of someone’s background, the data is processed through methods similar to those already used by Google or Bing.

Can someone tell if you looked them up on MyLife?

No, not unless you sign up for mylife using your real name and then view someone’s profile.

Can someone tell if I have Googled them?

If you are looking for an individual and the person’s name is not uncommon, then Google most likely won’t find them.

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