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Can I delete my Nintendo account?


  1. Sign in to your Nintendo Account, and select Other Settings.
  2. Click the Delete Account link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Read through the onscreen information regarding Nintendo Account deletion.
  4. Once you have read the information, click Deactivate and Delete.

How to delete a Nintendo account on Nintendo switch

How to Delete Nintendo Switch Account

Can you delete a Nintendo Switch account?

Open the HOME Menu and go to System Settings. Scroll down to the Users option, then choose the appropriate user account to access the Profile Settings page. Select Delete User from the bottom of the screen.

Will deleting My Nintendo account delete my games?

If you delete a user account from a Nintendo Switch console, any save data stored in the system will be erased.

Can you use the same Nintendo Account on two profiles?

Your Nintendo Account can be linked to other accounts, such as a Facebook, Twitter, Apple, or Google account. You can then log in to your Nintendo Account using the user name and password of one of those accounts.

Can I cancel my switch online membership?

By turning off the auto-renewal option for your membership, you may cancel your Nintendo Switch Online membership at any time. At the end of your current term, this will terminate the service. Only Nintendo Switch Online members can play Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online games.

What happens if you delete your Nintendo Account on Switch?

If you delete a Nintendo Account, all data linked to it, including but not limited to: mission status, points and awards in the My Nintendo rewards program, will be lost. The save data for apps connected to your account. Offers such as Just for You discounts

What will happen if I delete My Nintendo Network ID?

If you delete your Nintendo Network ID, all of your eShop licenses and balances on both the Wii U and 3DS families of systems are also wiped. Deleted Nintendo Network accounts can’t be resurrected. This includes ALL purchases or funds that are erased when the account is terminated.

How long does it take to delete a Nintendo Account?

After you’ve verified that you wish to delete your Nintendo Account, it will be deactivated for four weeks. You may reactivate your account by signing in during this time, but some data may be lost.