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Can I delete someone else’s WhatsApp account?


You can’t delete someone else’s WhatsApp account on your phone. You would need to contact them and ask them to delete their account.

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Can you delete someone else’s WhatsApp?

If you want to delete someone’s WhatsApp, you’ll need their phone and their permission.

When you delete WhatsApp account will others know?

No, when you delete your WhatsApp account you will no longer be able to use the app. If you have deleted your account, others will not know.

What happens if I delete my WhatsApp account and someone sent me a message?

If you delete your WhatsApp account, all of the messages that were sent to you will be lost and cannot be retrieved.

How do you know if someone deleted or blocked you on WhatsApp?

If the person has deleted you, they will no longer be in your contacts list. If they have blocked you, they may still be visible in your contacts list but you will not be able to send messages to them.

Can an admin delete a WhatsApp message?

No, the only way to delete a WhatsApp message is to delete the entire conversation.

What happens if I report and block someone on WhatsApp?

You can report a message as spam, and block the sender to prevent them from contacting you again.

Can I see him online if he blocked me?

If you blocked him, then the answer is no. If he blocked you, then it is possible that he would be able to see you online.

Will the person I reported on WhatsApp know?

Yes, the person you reported on WhatsApp will know. This is because when you report a message, it sends a notification to the sender and all of their contacts that you have reported it.

Can a person who blocked me on WhatsApp see my DP?

The person who blocked you will not be able to see your WhatsApp profile picture.

What to do if someone blocks you?

If someone blocks you on Facebook, the best thing to do is to send them a message and ask them why they blocked you. If they don’t respond, then it’s probably because they don’t want anything to do with you.

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