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Can I delete tinder and start again?


It’s time to delete your account from the website if you decide that you don’t want it any longer. Deactivating your profile on the site is not enough; instead, go to Settings and log in with your Facebook account to remove it. If you decide to resume swiping, simply sign in using your Facebook credentials and create another profile will be easy.

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Can you make another Tinder account after deleting it?

You can still reclaim your account if you deleted it through the proper procedure. Simply reinstall the app, sign in using your Facebook credentials, and you’ll be right as rain on Tinder!

What happens if you delete your Tinder account?

What happens if you remove your Tinder account? If you delete your Tinder account, all of your matches and communications will be erased. When you return, none of your previous matches will be there, and you won’t be able to access any of your old conversations.

Can I delete and reinstall Tinder?

Yes! This is correct, as confirmed by Tinder on Twitter, you will not lose any matches when you remove and reinstall the app. Removing an app such as Tinder does not erase any matches or other personal information stored within it.

Can you use the same number twice on Tinder?

You may use several versions of Tinder at the same time; simply create each with a unique Tinder account. Parallel Space, the premium software, provides a straightforward method to replicate and any other app you want more than one version of – it’s especially handy for social media apps.

How long until Tinder deletes your account?

According to the firm, if your profile has been inactive for more than 7 days, it will be deleted. They are not, however, willing to part with your information. According to their privacy policy, Tinder will keep your data for another three months.