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Can I pay Netflix through iTunes?


Customers with an iTunes billing address can pay for Netflix using an iTunes gift card. If you are being charged through your country’s iTunes store and have any questions, contact Apple Support.

Can I pay Netflix using my UK account via iTunes?

How do I subscribe to Netflix through iTunes?

On the home screen, tap Settings. Tap your name. Under the Subscriptions section, select Netflix to see your current plan status. Choose a new subscription option and hit Save if you would like to make this change now, or tap Cancel to close this window without saving.

Does Netflix bill through iTunes?

Netflix billing through Apple iTunes is no longer available to new or rejoining members. However, if you are currently using Apple iTunes as your payment method, we will continue billing through this system until you change your credit card information or cancel your account.

Can you pay Netflix through Apple?

Answer: Netflix works inside of your existing payment settings from the iTunes Store. All purchases and subscription fees go through Apple, just as they do with any other purchase.

What subscriptions can I pay with iTunes?

From the iTunes Store, Apple TV app, or Apple Books, you can get music and movies. Subscriptions like Apple Music and Apple Arcade are also available.

Why can’t I spend my iTunes money?

Answer: Checking your credit card details is often the first step in correcting an issue with iTunes and App Store.

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