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Can I recover a deleted AOL email account?


  1. Go to the Account page.
  2. Open your AOL account.
  3. Click trash on the left side of the AOL page.
  4. Click checkbox next to the email that you want to restore.

Hi, I recently reset my phone and had to get a new number. I logged into AOL to transfer my email account from my old phone to the new one but forgot the password for the email so now it’s deleted. Is there any way I can still access those emails? Thanks in advance.

AOL says, “No, you can’t… but if they were important enough then you should have printed a copy for safe keeping. What did you expect? You’re not the first person this has happened to and you won’t be the last.” I asked them why don’t they use a secure server like Gmail does so people can’t hack into their email account if passwords are forgotten, as it really is no one else’s business what someone’s email addresses are; that personal information should remain private unless the user chooses otherwise. AOL replied with an unhelpful response of “We use SSL encryption so your information is protected”…..well duh, but just because you encrypt it, doesn’t mean it’s safe. See how this is a useless answer? AOL still doesn’t get that Gmail (gmail) uses SSL and offers more security than they do on their email servers!

Let’s take a look at an example:

Gmail has been tested for encryption weaknesses. Critics have not found any loopholes in the system, though there are some areas which can be improved upon. The only possible way to read someone’s email if they use Gmail is via compromise of his or her password. Assuming a person chooses a strong enough password, he has nothing to worry about when it comes to security threats. Even then, the system will never release sensitive details such as credit card numbers even if it is subpoenaed.

You should be aware that the FBI can make sure a subpoena will get served, and they do have back doors to servers so a person’s emails are not really private or secure at all unless they print them out for safe keeping themselves and put it in their physical file cabinet. I hope this saves some people a lot of grief and hassle down the road because if you don’t take care of your own security, then who else will? AOL should change their business practices to better serve customers instead of just trying to keep all our information in their server when we’ve paid for an email address online!

If you have other accounts like Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail and need your password for checking it out, then use the zxcvbn app from here. Make sure to check out the links on this page too. You can also just sign up for a new email address if you are interesting in getting one online. Do you remember a lot of spam when people first started using email online? Yes, it was annoying but now since everyone has to be accountable for what they post and say, the internet is much cleaner as a result!

The spammers aren’t making as much money on their scams, though I’m sure they’ll always find a way around the system. For example, some emails that you think will be from friends or family members can actually come from scammers who are just trying to steal your identity and get into your bank accounts!

You have been warned; don’t say you haven’t been told that email isn’t secure at all if someone is polite enough to tell you where there are holes in the system. There shouldn’t be any holes in an email account if it’s supposed to protect customers information online for free. AOL should take care of this with a password recovery option that doesn’t require calling them because anyone who knows how to use computers will try every possible combination of letters until they guess the password. It’s easier to just have a check box asking if you know your email account password and if it isn’t known, then AOL can forward the email address so people can either reset their own password or contact them for assistance.

I hope this article helps anyone who has lost their passwords! Don’t forget to use strong passwords that are difficult to crack… pic source here. I found an easy way to remember good random passwords but I’ll leave that up to you with an example from my favorite website: Photobucket. If I wanted a random password in numbers, then one time when someone asked me what my new password was, I said “textme22” because it had all my favorite things: text, me, and 22!

I hope this helps with password recovery on email accounts… pic source here: Just remember to think of your passwords in a way that allows you to easily recall them later or write them down. After all, one day you might forget your password and need it again -_- but if there are thousands of possible combinations of letters or numbers then what’s the point? There isn’t any so do yourself a favor and come up with a good secure password every single time because life is just too short & stressful as it is already for some people who have forgotten their passwords online!

But you know what was really interesting about AOL when I was using their services? They didn’t have an option to delete your account entirely from their servers and I’m not sure if they still don’t! So when you pay for email accounts online, why can’t we just delete everything about the accounts? If this happened, then people could find a new free email address and put it on all of our websites. But wait I have an idea! What if AOL had “enterprise” mailboxes where people could log into them like Microsoft Outlook or something? Then anyone could see what was in this mailbox but only the user with the correct password would be able to access it, read emails from customers who paid for that service, and answer any questions or concerns they may have!

The last thing I’ll say is these are my thoughts on how AOL can come up with a better service. In some ways, what AOL does is still relevant but it’s just become more complicated than it needs to be and people don’t need all of these extra steps if they want to recover an email address! My honest opinion is that the internet is such a big problem when it comes to security breaches because we’re behind in time. People should use stronger passwords and be patient for their accounts send them a password recovery code via text message or email so that no one has access to our accounts at any time especially if they are using free services like this!

I’ll leave you with a picture of some kids who are on AOL’s email with the caption that read “Kids these days, they’ve never seen anything like this before! They don’t know how easy they have it!” If I knew what kind of people were reading this article, then I would add a comment here about how rude that was but since there were no users or visitors to my website so far today, well… yeah. I think I’ll just draw you another picture instead. Until next time!

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art of writing for the web can make our voices heard. pic source here: I was browsing through my old Facebook account and when you click on “show all” a box appears that shows what your timeline looked like on January 1st, 2009 and it’s pretty nostalgic but also kind of depressing. The thing is no one has any time to read anything longer than a tweet these days so if you want people to take more notice in your content then you have to write better sentences with more details and give them something useful or interesting to read! But there are still some really good ways that we can use the internet that isn’t for sharing links or pictures about our pets… If you need an example, then just read Frank O’Hara’s Day Book that I mentioned above because it’s engaging and has a lot of different ideas in one place. It might take you a while to go through all of them but I think it’s worth your time just to see what the best artists and writers of the past were doing to get their voices heard. And if you’re really looking for something interesting or useful, then check out my new article on improving your writing by using a simile.

Can I recover a deleted AOL email account?

1. Go to the Account page.
2. Open your AOL account.
3. Click trash on the left side of the AOL page.
4. Click checkbox next to the email that you want to restore.

Why can’t AOL recover my account online?

If you have not provided any recovery information, you will be unable to regain access to your account. You can use a verification code sent on your phone number or email as identity confirmation.

How long does it take AOL to delete an account?

AOL automatically deactivates an account when there is no activity for ninety days. There are exceptions to the rule, however–if that person had a free account and if they haven’t created any data since joining. Regardless of whether you want to keep data or erase it entirely, you can reactivate an old account up until thirty days after it has been inactive.

Why did my AOL email stop working?

AOL Mail can get in one of three states; the email is either missing due to a hidden folder, your mail client settings not being set up correctly, or your account was deactivated.

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