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can i reset my golf clash account?


Yes, you can reset your Golf Clash account. To do so, go to the Settings menu in the game and select the “Reset Account” option.

can i reset my golf clash account

Golf Clash How To – Creating a 2nd Account and Switching Between Accounts

How do I start over on Golf Clash?

If you’re looking to start over on Golf Clash, your best bet is to delete the game and reinstall it. This will reset your progress and give you a fresh start.

How do I delete my Golf Clash account?

To delete your Golf Clash account, please follow these instructions:
Open the Golf Clash app and go to the Settings menu.
Scroll down and select “Delete Account.”
Enter your account password and select “Yes, delete my account.”
Your account will be deleted and you will no longer be able to play Golf Clash.

How do I change my Facebook account on Golf Clash?

To change your Facebook account on Golf Clash, first open the game and go to the Settings menu. From there, select the Facebook Login option and then enter your new Facebook account details. Once you have entered the correct information, tap the Login button and you should be able to play the game using your new account.

Can you have 2 Golf Clash accounts on one phone?

Yes, you can have multiple Golf Clash accounts on one phone. To create a new account, open the Golf Clash app and tap on the “Create a new account” button.

Can I sell my Golf Clash account?

Yes, you can sell your Golf Clash account. However, you should be aware that there is no guarantee that the new owner will continue to play the game or that they will not delete your account.

How do I reset my tennis account on clash of clans?

I’m not sure what you mean by “reset my tennis account.” Could you please provide more information?

How do I erase my Facebook account?

To erase your Facebook account, visit the “Delete my account” page and click “Delete my account.” You’ll be asked to confirm your decision, and after you do, your account will be permanently deleted.

How do I transfer my Golf Clash account?

To transfer your Golf Clash account, you’ll need to provide the email address and password associated with your account. Once we have verified that you are the account holder, we will send you instructions on how to transfer your account.

Does Golf Clash Post to Facebook?

Golf Clash does not post to Facebook automatically, but you can share your progress and wins on the social media platform manually.

Why is FB not working?

There could be a number of reasons why Facebook is not working. One possibility is that there is a technical issue with the site. Another possibility is that Facebook is blocked in your location. Finally, it’s also possible that you’ve been banned from using Facebook. If you’re having trouble logging in or using the site, you can try checking the Facebook Help Center for more information.

Why won’t my games connect to Facebook?

There are a few reasons why your games may not be connecting to Facebook. One possibility is that you have not authorized the game to access your Facebook account. Another possibility is that there is a problem with your internet connection. Finally, the game itself may be experiencing technical difficulties. If you are having trouble connecting to Facebook, try restarting your device and/or your internet connection. If that does not fix the problem, contact the game’s customer support.

How do I disconnect Golf rival from Facebook?

To disconnect Golf rival from Facebook, first open the Facebook app on your phone. Then, tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the app and select “Settings.” Scroll down and select “Account Settings,” then “Apps.” Finally, tap on “Golf Rival” and select “Remove.

Can I have 2 Facebook?

Yes, you can have multiple Facebook accounts. To create a new account, open Facebook in a web browser and click the “Create New Account” button on the top right corner of the screen.

How do I change my clan in clash of clans?

To change your clan in Clash of Clans, you’ll need to first leave your current clan. Once you’re no longer part of a clan, you can then join a new one.

What does pwned mean in Golf Clash?

In Golf Clash, “pwned” is an expression used to describe when a player has been defeated in a particularly humiliating or embarrassing way.

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