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Can I reverse self-exclusion?


Once you request and confirm your Self-Exclusion, we cannot reverse the decision and you will not be able to play again until the Self-Exclusion period has expired.

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Yes, but only under certain conditions and it is entirely at the discretion of our support team. Firstly you must remain excluded from all other UKGC licensed premises. Once you have been correctly self-excluded we will consider your potential to reverse that exclusion if You have never previously been excluded for any reason from a Gambling Commission regulated operator; We have received written confirmation that whatever caused your initial exclusion has now been rectified – this may include a court order or certificate confirming completion of unpaid work, fines, etc (if applicable); You are not currently subject to any open investigations by the police or licensing authority; You are able to provide us with some context as to what happened and why there was concern over your behavior which resulted in in-current exclusion, and You have not received any previous self-exclusion requests from Betfair. We will then require you to complete a new Customer Self-Exclusion form – you can access the link here: https://secure.betfair.com/selfexclusions If we feel that, based on the information provided, it is appropriate for us to consider reversing your excluded status, you may be asked to sign a User Agreement incorporating our terms of business (this would include our Market Disruption Policy) as well as an agreement that should you breach these agreements in future again by placing further bets with us, we may terminate this agreement and revoke your self-exclusion immediately without further warning or recourse.

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To avoid having a self-exclusion request rejected, it is important that you are able to provide us with a very detailed explanation of what happened during your self-exclusion from all other UKGC licensees. Should we feel that any of the criteria outlined above do not appear to be satisfied then the support team will decline your application and advise you accordingly.

What happens if I breach my self-exclusion?

Should you fail to fulfill the conditions required for us to reverse a previous self-exclusion or if you place bets after being exempt from restrictions, we may cancel your User Agreement and revoke your current exclusion immediately without further warning or recourse. Once an agreement has been reached between yourself and our customer service team allowing for reversal of previously placed conditions or restrictions, this will be considered a legally binding contract between yourself and Betfair. If you fail to fulfil the terms of that agreement then we may cancel your User Agreement and revoke your current exclusion immediately without further warning or recourse.

What happens if there is a change in my circumstances?

You must inform us of any changes that could affect your ability to continue self-excluded, for example, a move to another address or entry on the sex offenders register. All changes should be notified in writing by email: [email protected]

How long will my self-exclusion last?

Self-exclusion periods are currently limited to one year with the option to extend this period up to three years after completion of each one year – this is subject to an available Customer Service team member inputting your request and the conditions on which you were initially excluded having been met.

Can I be self-excluded from other countries?

If you can provide us with a VISA or MasterCard credit card registered in another country, then we can consider excluding you from all of our sportsbook, casino, and bingo products as well as horse racing. If however, your card has a billing address or registered name that doesn’t match what is currently held on your account then any application to exclude yourself will be declined. We do not accept applications from customers who are unable to provide valid debit cards (the UK only) for self-exclusion at this time. Please note: if you wish to exclude any other account from Betfair, you must contact support for that specific entity as the process varies.

When will I be excluded?

Generally, we aim for our online services to reflect changes within 4 hours of us receiving your request and this should be applied across all sportsbook, casino, and bingo accounts. If you are requiring a change on horse racing only then please allow 8 hours between notification and it appearing on the corresponding products. It is possible that due to ongoing required infrastructure maintenance or technical issues there may be some delays in your request being implemented – these will usually be resolved as soon as possible but can take up to 24 hours in total depending upon when they were reported. We request that you make sure your email with the self-exclusion request is in your inbox and not spam to ensure you receive a timely response.

When will I be able to self exclude?

At this time we offer self-exclusion through our website only – if you would like further information on how to exclude yourself from other products please contact the relevant customer support team. You must be logged into ‘My Account’ at www.betfair.com prior to completing a self-exclusion signed in with, please click “Remind me later” from the pop-up box if available or press “Click here to continue” below. You will now be able to continue using our site as normal however no further bet will be possible on any Betfair product.

Account restrictions are placed automatically upon sign-up and/or immediately following the completion of a self-exclusion agreement. It is not necessary to contact us before proceeding with this exclusion process, however, please be aware that if you have recently requested account verification or hold an account balance then those conditions will remain in place until verified. If you have previously been excluded from Betfair accounts and would like to rejoin using the same card number then you will need to open a new account as your previous betting history will be included in all self-exclusion – this acts as an effort to try and prevent re-engagement or ability for unblocking by yourself after periods of self-exclusion. You should note that any winnings gained from bets placed prior to you signing up for self-exclusion can be removed by the Customer Support team if requested.

How long will my account be restricted?

In the event of a self-exclusion being imposed, all accounts will be automatically restricted as follows: All persons are not permitted to place a bet or make any wagers on Betfair Sportsbook, Casino, and Bingo markets using any method or device for 365 days from the date of commencement of this agreement. This restriction applies only to customers which have signed up to place bets on our sportsbook, casino, and bingo products; it does not apply where individual signs up with us to bet on other events and notations (e.g. horse racing, greyhound racing, motorsport) which are not controlled by Betfair. Where an individual has signed up to place bets on particular events and notations, separate exclusion arrangements may apply. Please be aware that if you wish to exclude any other account from Betfair then you must contact support for that specific entity as the process varies between sportsbook, casino, and bingo. You can also find out more about excluding Betfair accounts here

To exclude yourself prior to signing up with us or betting on our website please e-mail our self-exclusion team at s [email protected] .com for further information: If you have already gambled and placed a bet on any of the above products after signing up with us we will be unable to exclude you as this is not possible under our responsible gambling license terms.

If I self-exclude, can I still watch or attend live events?

whilst you are excluded and for 365 days after the end of your self-exclusion (for sportsbook, casino, and bingo). If you have a sponsored account that allows you to place bets from within an event venue then these conditions will also apply. Betfair Sportsbook, Casino, and Bingo customers may only bet in person at a venue; they must not place any side-bets from an event. You will also be able to list tickets for sale on the Betfair Exchange via our mobile site whilst excluded – however, if requested we can remove them

Can I reverse self-exclusion?

Once you request and confirm your Self-Exclusion, we cannot reverse the decision and you will not be able to play again until the Self-Exclusion period has expired.

Can you cancel self-exclusion?

You’re able to deactivate your self-exclusion after the waiting period has passed. If you choose to deactivate, contact our GAMSTOP Contact Centre by phone.

How do I remove myself from self-exclusion NJ?

You can request to have yourself excluded from New Jersey casinos by submitting a form and paying the fee. Request removal after your obligations are completed but you cannot be excluded until your required time is served.

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