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Can I share my Crunchyroll account?


Yes, You can also share in the same household. You can only purchase Crunchyroll Mega Membership for four people, since each account is limited to four users.

The video sharing service Crunchyroll is a great way to watch your favorite anime on the internet.  It can be accessed through a computer, a Playstation 3 or even a Wii, which allows you to watch shows in up to 720p HD. It’s pretty nifty, but if you’ve ever had any friends over who are fans of Japanese animation, it might have come up that they don’t all have their own accounts and they were wondering why they can’t use yours. If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than watching cartoons with your friends (except for maybe eating candy), so here’s how to share your account with them so everybody can watch together!

Okay, so this isn’t going to be as easy as we’d all like it to be, but there’s a workaround that we’ll talk about in a minute.  The first thing you’ll need to do is purchase an additional subscription.  It costs the same as what you’re paying now, so if your membership only costs $6.95 (or even just $5), then go ahead and upgrade it to two accounts for that price by following this link .

Now, you can’t just add their username/password info onto your account on Crunchyroll anymore.  This is because they’ve implemented an extra step when logging into their site that asks users if they want to see Consequences or Not Now ads before continuing with their login process.

What this means is that they’re trying to avoid ad-blockers.  If they make it too annoying for you, then you might just go ahead and block their ads anyway.  But if they only ask you once per session (every time you log in), then maybe you’ll see the one ad you’re supposed to before continuing on your merry way.

So what this little login screen changes is that now, when users try logging into Crunchyroll with someone else’s username and password, it will not work because the computer or console cannot log in automatically with those credentials without seeing a particular ad first.

As other sites have learned from companies like YouTube, forcing users to watch an advertisement can be a successful method of profiting off of free services by gaining revenue through these ad-views.  So, now when you log in with someone else’s credentials, it will not work until you’ve seen the advertisement.  This gives Crunchyroll two potential sources of revenue: 1) from people who legitimately pay them for a subscription to view their content and 2) from those trying to get around paying by sharing an account. Users may complain about losing all of their precious data such as queue order or viewing history, but I’m sure most users won’t mind watching one ad every time they log in anyway (and don’t forget that your friend can still keep everything on his own profile).

So how do we go about logging in with our friends?

There are two ways right now that you can accomodate your friends:

1) Call them up and ask, or

2) mess with the login procedure a little bit.

     If you are computer savvy enough, you can just launch their browser before launching your own and it will keep all of their cookies in tact.  Or if you don’t trust yourself to do that (especially if you’re using an internet cafe computer), then follow this link which shows you how to do it .  You could also try on a Mac by clicking here , but I haven’t tested these methods myself so proceed at your own risk!  share-crunchyroll-accounts

If you are more of a visual learner, Crunchyroll has published their own video about sharing accounts:  share-crunchyroll-accounts UPDATE:  Apparently the media player app on Playstation 3 does not work with sharing an account.  You can subscribe to one and then log in together if you choose the option to enter each other’s e-mail addresses when subscribing (but be careful that your friend doesn’t cancel right away!)

(They also allow users to sync favorites across devices, so you’ll both have the same queue located under “My List” when logging into either console or computer.)

     I asked around a bit on Twitter and Facebook, and it seems like Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime allow various devices to share the same account easily .  Netflix, as far as I know, is much more strict with what kinds of devices can use an account at once.

If you’ve known a Crunchyroll user for a while and are worried about it being too difficult, just call them up first! Since they’re paying for their own subscription themselves, most users will be glad if you ask them politely if they’ll share their username and password instead of giving you a fake one that may get your accounts banned later on.  It takes time to build up your favorites list anyway so don’t worry about losing it (and remember that you can always add titles to each others queues even after cancelling).   If you are sharing an account and keep it to yourself, the worst that could happen is that your friend cancels their subscription after you’ve already seen a bunch of commercials.  They may not even notice what happened!  So go ahead and share accounts with friends as soon as possible – they might even let you pay for them!

What happens if I share my Crunchyroll password?

This really comes down to personal morals: are you going to use this one account just so you can watch anime on a different computer or console but still keep your favorites? If so, then there’s nothing wrong with doing that (and many others do this). But just remember: don’t try using someone else’s username or password without asking permission first.   People don’t like it when they find out that their account could’ve been hacked if you didn’t know to ask permission.

If I have a friend who doesn’t want me to use their Crunchyroll password, can they cancel the sub easily?

Yes! They’ll go through the same steps as cancelling from a computer while following these directions .  After that, your friend will be free from watching any more ads!  In other words, you need to abide by all of the same rules that you should expect in real life: respect others’ property. If someone is nice enough to let you watch anime for free on their account and then later finds out that you were using it without asking permission for longer than they intended, then you shouldn’t be surprised when they say “No, sorry, I have to cancel it” and ask for their password back.

But what if my friend tries to get me in trouble?

For example:  If your friend says that they are going to tell the site that you hacked into their account without asking permission (just like on real life), don’t worry! Crunchyroll will be able to tell exactly who is using any given account by checking their IP address – this is the information that lets them know who should be paying for a subscription. So no matter how much someone complains about improper usage of an account, Crunchyroll knows exactly where each payment came from and can verify whether or not the user has access or not, and can force anyone to pay for their own account.  So the worst that could happen is that Crunchyroll might decide to cancel your subscription and refund your money, but even then they’ll email you first to let you know what’s going on.

They won’t just randomly accuse you of using someone else’s account without asking permission – there really isn’t much reason for them do so unless someone asks them because of a personal vendetta against you… but even if they did, it wouldn’t be possible in the first place!

Can I share my Crunchyroll account?

Yes, You can also share in the same household.You can only purchase Crunchyroll Mega Membership for four people, since each account is limited to four users.

How do you add someone to Crunchyroll?

Whenever you’re looking at someone’s profile, simply click the ‘Add Buddy’ link to send a friend request. Once they accept it, they’ll be on your list of friends.

Can you have multiple users on Crunchyroll?

Please find online contact information for customer service here: Explain that you have two younger sisters and if they count as 1 person, you should be able to activate your account with them too.

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