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Can we delete Telegram account?


There is no “Delete Account” option in the Telegram app. To deactivate your account, please visit this page via a desktop browser with access to our Deactivation Page.

How To Delete Telegram Account

It’s not possible to delete your Telegram account. You can always delete messages from an active chat, or block a user with the ‘block’ button, but you cannot completely remove your account.

Deleting your Telegraph account is not possible because of multiple reasons. First and foremost, we don’t store any personal data about our users in our servers: all IP logs are deleted within 24 hours, and we don’t collect or retain information that could be used to identify an individual user (such as phone numbers, device identifiers, etc.). Also, since all data is encrypted in transit and at rest, there is no way for us to access it ourselves or share this information with third parties — even if we wanted to!

For this reason, we simply don’t store any means of account recovery?

For more information on how Telegram handles user data and privacy in general please read our Privacy Policy and Security Practices.

Does Telegram store photos on the server? If yes, how secure is it?

Yes, if you send photos in an active chat or channel. When you send photos or videos in a group chat (that was created by an admin), they never leave your device unless a fellow member takes a screenshot of them. Apart from that, we do not store any media on our servers.

We don’t have access to user media files and are unable to provide them to third parties. This also means that after their delivery to recipients has timed out, sent media will be deleted from our servers along with any other information about their transmission in order for us not to violate the privacy of those involved. For more on this see the relevant section of our Privacy Policy.

Can we have the same account in Telegram, Facebook, and VK?

You can use the same phone number to log into different Telegram accounts if you want to do so — it will still be your number and nobody else’s. You can’t use the same number on multiple Telegram apps or access them simultaneously. However, you can log directly into one app from another using just a phone number without creating any additional accounts.

How do I reset [insert username] password?

There is no way of recovering your password — but don’t worry! It cannot be changed anyway: if someone took over your account by guessing or knowing your password they could change it. In this case, there’s nothing you can do.

We consider this a good thing because it ensures that hackers cannot take over your account by brute force. In order to access an active Telegram account, they need to already control your device (or know the credentials for another service where you use the same password).

How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently (2021)

So if someone takes over your Telegram account — change your phone number and re-install the app from Google Play or Apple App store. That’s all there is to it! We don’t store any information about different devices on our servers and since a phone number is not linked with your username remotely we can simply disable it to get you back into your account without compromising security. This also means that changing your phone number will not reset additional data stored on the server such as messages, photos, or contacts.

Can two Telegram clients share the same phone number?

Yes, but only if you log into one of them with your phone number and the other by manually entering your username to add it to a new contact list. It is impossible to log into multiple Telegram apps using the same number at once. After logging in via a phone number you can always select ‘Add by username on the login screen to manually add any friends who have some other way of contacting you in Telegram — be that an email address, a previously added phone number, or a real name (if they enabled it). Note that for security reasons we do not support adding accounts through usernames when they are entered manually: if someone knows the username of your account, they will be able to take over it remotely.

You can’t log into two Telegram apps with the same phone number simultaneously — and this is for security reasons. If someone took over your account using their own device they could easily delete all of the messages in one app and continue sending from another even if you managed to regain control of the first device by resetting its password or adding a new one.

What’s up with connections being ‘down’ in countries like India? How does Telegram work in China?

Our system detects that your connection goes through a proxy server and treats it as less reliable: because there is always an extra hop between you and our servers it takes longer for us to be notified about new messages and for you to see their notifications. Therefore we use much stricter rules when timing out chats that go through proxy servers: this is a security measure in order to detect hijacked accounts being used from public WiFi networks or other unstable service providers around the globe.

If your connection constantly goes down and suddenly comes back up, check whether there are any proxy settings on your device and disable them if so. If it happens regularly contact your provider to find out why that’s happening — in some regions many mobile operators have set up such proxies to help users bypass censorship but they do not notify Telegram about doing so. As a result, our app may think that these services are insecure, which means that people in those regions will be seeing more connection errors than others.

While we have no problem with people in countries like Russia or Iran using a local proxy service to talk to their friends, please do not make the mistake of setting up a proxy on your phone and thinking that this will keep you safe from the government if it decides to arrest you for speaking your mind online. If they really want to get you then there is little that Telegram can do about it — because unlike other messaging apps we actually care about our users’ privacy and security, so rather than cooperating with some shady local ISPs to provide them with a backdoor into all user messages, we are fighting for the right to protect our users’ freedom of speech in court. Wickr’s response We deactivated our Facebook page ago and choose to use the following statement as our response.

Any company can fail, but we choose not to be one of them and will continue moving forward with 100% transparency and honesty in everything that we do.

This blog post was written by Wickr co-founder and CTO Nico Sell.

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Can we delete Telegram account?

There is no “Delete Account” option in the Telegram app. To deactivate your account, please visit this page via a desktop browser with access to our Deactivation Page.

How can I delete my Telegram account permanently?

Open Telegram on Android and click on Settings. Over there, select the Privacy section. Scroll down to If Away in the Security tab. Select the idle time frame after which your account will be disabled forever.

How can I delete the telegram?

In the first step, open Settings. In the options list, select Apps. Next step, scroll to Telegram and click on it. On the opened page, click on the Delete button. To confirm, click on OK.

How can I delete my Telegram account permanently Wiki?

Tap “Next“.Tap Register. Tap the words “sign-in” and enter a password. Tap them again to confirm your input. Tap Next when this message appears: Your account has been successfully created! To delete your account, tap on the deactivate account text, type yes in the dialog box that pops up and taps Done; then finally tap Yes to delete your account on screen or No if you want to keep it active but no longer accessed through Flipboard (if so, download all of your articles before doing this).

What happens if I delete my Telegram account?

To delete your Telegram account, open the application and long-press on chats you wish to eliminate.

How can I delete my account?

Log in to myaccount.google.com at the left. Scroll down to “Download, delete or transfer your data.” Click Delete a service, followed by Click Delete your account to close your Gmail account and get rid of any traces of it on Google.

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