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Can you cancel a GoFundMe donation?


Click “Refund Payment” next to the transaction that you want to refund. Input a reason for the refund before clicking through with your debit card information.

How to Donate to a GoFundMe Campaign

How To Donate on GoFundMe

Can you cancel a GoFundMe donation?

Yes. If you have already made a donation and would like to cancel it, please email us at [email protected] with your name, email address and the transaction number (if available). Please note that even though the donation has been canceled, it may still show as pending for several days while it’s processed through your bank. So please allow some time for this cancellation process to finish before contacting us again about whether or not the payment was successful. Even after being refunded by GoFundMe, you can always give the money back to yourself via PayPal by logging into your account on gofundme.com, clicking the “My Account” tab, and selecting your PayPal account as your payment method.

How do I stop a donation on GoFundMe?

From your Campaign Manager, click Edit. Click the Settings tab. Toggle the Disable Donate Button and Disable New Fundraisers to On. …Choose to Remove The Donate Button Now or set it for a future date by clicking Change Expiration Date Options. Click Save to confirm.

Can you take back a donation?

A charitable donation is a gift for which a tax-deductible receipt is issued. It is not normally refundable.

Can GoFundMe donations be refunded?

Generally, WePay can issue refunds for donations processed as much as 60 days prior, pending approval from the charity.

Can you cancel a GoFundMe?

Only a fundraiser organizer can delete their GoFundMe page. If you are the beneficiary or team member for an event, please contact the organizer to delete it from your account. Please note that deleting your fundraiser won’t automatically refund donors that donated.

How does GoFundMe payout?

If your GoFundMe campaign is time-sensitive, we can waive the 10% platform fee and withdraw the funds without waiting for 5 business days. But you’ll still have to wait after accepting an invitation before we can transfer money out of your account to the bank.

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