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Can you close an Etsy shop and open a new one?


  1. You can only close your shop if you have a zero balance on your bill and no open non-delivery cases.
  2. When you close your shop, we delete the credit card info you had on file.
  3. You can reopen your shop any time, and you’ll need to validate a credit card when you reopen your shop.

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Can I open a new Etsy shop after closing one?

You can create a new Etsy shop, but you will have to start from scratch. You cannot transfer any of your listings or reviews to the new account.

What happens when an Etsy store closes?

When an Etsy store closes, the store’s owner is required to remove all of their items from the site. They are also responsible for refunding any pending transactions and paying Etsy a final fee for hosting their store. If they fail to do so, Etsy will work with law enforcement to recover the funds.
When a shop on Etsy closes, the owner must first remove all of their items from the site.

Why can’t I open Etsy shop?

I am not sure why you are unable to open an Etsy shop. However, I would recommend checking the following:
-Is this a new account? If so, make sure to confirm your email address and password.
-If you have confirmed your email address and password, check that the email is not going into a spam folder or junk folder.
-Check that you have a credit card on file with Etsy if you plan on making any purchases.

How many cases before Etsy closes your shop?

Etsy does not close shops. They have a shop suspension policy which they use to handle cases of infringement or other violations of Etsy’s policies.

Can I link two Etsy shops?

Yes, you can link two Etsy shops. There are a few ways to do this. You can use the “Link Your Shop” button on one of your listings to list your other shop, or you can add a link in the “About This Shop” section of your shop’s page.

How do I merge two Etsy shops?

It is possible to merge two Etsy shops, but it can be a bit complicated. If you have two individual accounts with the same email address and password, you will need to contact Etsy support.
You can email them at [email protected] and they will help you with the process.

Why would Etsy suspend a new account?

Etsy suspends new accounts for various reasons, including if the account is fraudulent or violates Etsy policies.

Why does Etsy suspend new accounts?

Etsy suspends new accounts to ensure they are being used for the right reasons, and not to spam the site with fake reviews or other fraudulent activity.

Why did my Etsy shop disappear?

Etsy is a marketplace for hand-made products. If you are not making the product yourself, Etsy will not allow you to sell it on their site.

Why would Etsy cancel an order?

Etsy will cancel an order if the seller has not shipped it yet. They also cancel orders if they are unable to verify that a customer placed the order.