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Can you create questions in trivia crack 2?


People wanted to discuss issues they were interested in, not just the most popular themes. Trivia Crack version 2.0 aims to rectify this problem. Anyone will be able to establish their own “channel,” which they’ll use to create queries or aggregate them from other users.

Trivia Crack 2

How to make a trivia crack question!

How do you suggest questions on trivia crack 2?

You just need to go to your Triviacrack menu and choose “Question Factory.” You can suggest, rate, and/or translate questions from there.

What’s the difference between Trivia Crack and trivia crack 2?

Not to mention that you receive a whole lot of bonuses as well. There are numerous new challenges, including an interactive map for each country, which is both amusing and informative. By the end of it all, players will understand their strengths and limitations in deep detail and have developed a deeper sense of self-awareness about them.

Can you play trivia crack 2 with friends?

If you have a Facebook account, you can invite your friends by going to Menu > Friends and typing in the search bar. You may also use Menu > Facebook > Invite Friends to accomplish this task.

How do you earn gold bars on trivia crack 2?

Each of the game’s 240 levels will give you a character as a reward. These characters will provide you with gold bars, which can be exchanged for power-ups using real money. You may also spend gold bars to raise your chance of success in the game. The more characters you find, the more gold bars you’ll have available.

What are the crowns for in Trivia Crack 2?

The more you play, the more crowns you earn and the more people you can recruit, the deeper your piggy bank may be filled with gold bars, allowing you to utilize power-ups to save yourself from difficult questions!

Is Trivia Crack safe to play?

Trivia Crack is a competitive social trivia game in which friends compete against each other (or strangers). To play the game, you must have an email address or access to your Facebook account, so it’s not suitable for young children.