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Can you delete a supercell account?


  1. Yes, you can delete a supercell account.
  2. To do so, go to the Settings page and scroll down to the bottom.
  3. Under “Accounts” you will see an option to “Delete your account.”
  4. Click on this and follow the instructions.


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How do I delete my supercell ID email?

If you want to delete your Supercell ID email, you can do so by following these steps:
Go to the Settings page on your Supercell account.
Scroll down and find the “Delete Your Account” section.
Click on the “Delete Your Supercell ID” link.
Enter your password and click on the “Delete Account” button.
You will then be asked to confirm your decision.

Can I delete my supercell ID?

Yes, you can delete your Supercell ID. To do so, open the Settings menu in the game and select “Delete account.

How do you delete your supercell ID on clash of clans?

There is no way to delete your supercell ID on clash of clans. If you want to stop playing the game, you can unlink your account from the game by going to settings and selecting “unlink account.

How do I remove my supercell ID from my Google account?

To remove your supercell ID from your Google account, you’ll need to open the Google Accounts page and sign in. From there, select “Data & personalization” from the menu on the left, then scroll down to “Activity controls.” Under “My Activity,” find the entry for Supercell and click the three dots to the right of it. Select “Remove” and confirm your choice.

Can I change my supercell ID email?

Yes, you can change your supercell ID email. To do so, open the Settings menu in the game, select Account, and then tap on the Change Email button.

Is Clash of Clans shutting down?

There is no evidence that Clash of Clans is shutting down. The game is still very popular and has a large player base.

How do I delete my supercell ID on my iPhone?

To delete your Supercell ID on your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap on Supercell. Tap on Delete Account and then confirm by tapping Delete again.

Is supercell ID Safe?

Yes, Supercell ID is safe. It’s a secure system that uses your Facebook login to keep track of your progress in the game and keep your data safe.

Is COC still popular 2022?

Yes, COC is still popular in 2022. It is a widely-used messaging app and has a large user base.

Is COC getting removed in 2022?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it remains to be seen whether or not COC will be removed in 2022. However, there are a few things to consider when answering this question. Firstly, it is important to note that the removal of COC is not a foregone conclusion and there is still a possibility that it may remain in place.

Why is Clash of Clans so addicting?

Clash of Clans is so addicting because it’s a strategy game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. You can play for a few minutes or hours and always feel like you’re making progress.

How do I quit Clash of Clans?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to quit Clash of Clans may vary depending on your individual situation. However, some tips on how to quit Clash of Clans include deleting the app from your device, unsubscribing from the game’s mailing list, and blocking the game’s website and app store page from your browser.

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