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Can you have 2 Sky Bet accounts?


Yes, you are permitted to have numerous betting accounts. You can have as many bookmakers as you want, but you’re not usually allowed to have more than one betting account with the same bookmaker.

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Placing a System X2 multiple bet using Sky Bet

Write an article about how you can have two Sky Bet accounts. If you are looking to play on both a mobile app and desktop website, then the answer is yes-you can have two Sky Bet accounts. The system also allows for two different user names, so if you prefer to keep your bets separate, then that is an option too!

To start with, you need to set up the first account (let’s call this Account A). If you are using your user name and password to log in, then there is no action for you-it will work as soon as you have created an account.

If you are using an existing customer number to log in (such as one from another bookmaker), then it gets a little more complicated, but not much. When creating the first account, sign up to receive promotional emails. You can uncheck all of these options later on if email marketing isn’t your thing! Once the account has been created, sign out and sign back in with your customer number so that any promotions can be applied. The next step is to go to the settings page for Account A and click on “Update your email preferences.” When prompted, add your new Sky Betting email address (let’s call this account B).

Now that both accounts are set up, you can go to the promotions pages of each and make some bets. Ensure that only one account is logged in at any time, and if you want to access one from an iOS or Android device (or mobile browser) there is no need to switch; simply open two different web browsers or apps! If having two separate accounts is not an option for you (for instance, due to limited funds), then feel free to use either email address. It makes no difference which one you use Just ensure that each bet placed links to the correct account.

If you are not sure which one is your main account or would just prefer to have one Sky Bet persona, then simply use the same email address for both accounts! Once they are linked by email preferences, it doesn’t matter which one you log in with-they will both show the same balance. To find out more about how this works read our separate article on How to Use Your Email Address to Play on BM247.

So now that you know all about using two different accounts with BM247, why not also take a quick look at some of our bonuses? It’s always nice to get something extra when betting online! At the moment we are offering all new customers £20 Free Bets Just for signing up!

How do I create a new Sky Bet account?

The first step is to go to one of our websites and click the “Register” or “Join” link in the top left corner of the screen. You’ll need to provide your details in the boxes provided, such as your whole name, birthday, and address.

Can you use someone else’s card on Sky Bet?

Is it possible to include my partner or friend’s card? Payment methods must be entered in the name of the Sky Bet account holder. We are entitled to believe that you are using your own payment method and will not be held liable for any third party payments made using another method.

What is a double Sky Bet?

The simplest and most basic multiple wager is a double bet. It’s named after the fact that it’s simply two distinct options combined into one bet. If the player makes two winning selections, they win twice as much as they would if they had placed two single bets.

What is the minimum deposit on Sky Bet?

payment processing fees are set out in the Point of Sale. PayPal’s minimum deposit is £10, while other payments methods have a minimum deposit requirement of £5 (five pounds sterling) as may be modified at any time or the equivalent amount in your designated currency

Why can I not add my card to Sky Bet?

Some prepaid debit cards may be unable to deposit because they have been classified as a credit card by our system. If this happens to you, consider using another payment option or visiting the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of this page.

How do I deposit on Sky Bet?

You may use Apple Pay and Google Pay to make a deposit to us. Please keep in mind that you cannot pay through Google or Apple Pay using your credit card because we no longer accept them.

Does Sky Bet affect your credit rating?

Is it possible that my credit score will be penalized for playing online casinos? There is no connection between your credit score and internet gambling, so lenders will not be able to determine if you are engaged in it based solely on your credit score.

How do you calculate a double bet?

The odds for a double wager are calculated by combining the single bets’ chances and multiplying them to generate your double bet odds. The money gained from your first wager is usually staked on the second choice in order of preference. See below for a sample double wager.

How does a Pick 3 bet work?

You pick the winning horse in three races on a PICK 3 wager. This is usually available on the first and last three races of the day, with some tracks allowing this bet on any three consecutive races.

How do I get unbanned from Sky Bet?

In order to reset your password, you’ll need the following information: This is a secure link that safely directs you to the required page for resetting your password.

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