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Can you reset your Faceit account?


Unfortunately, the short answer is “No,” we do not reset players’ statistics or ELO scores. Our numbers are also linked to all of your matches ever played on our site. All of these games and game history would be lost if your stats were reset.

Can you reset your Faceit account?

Can I change my Steam account on Faceit?

Is it hard to get Faceit LVL 10?

Finally, for this sample pool of players, we were able to show that 22% or about 2200 achieved FACEIT L10, with the majority of them achieving L10 after playing an average of 575 games.

Can u cheat on FACEIT?

Despite all of this, we believe that FACEIT’s anti-cheat is still far from flawless. Many tales may be told by seasoned players of services like FACEIT and ESEA about cheats getting into games. In general, FACEIT’s superior anti-cheat has been a major appeal for CSGO gamers.

Does LastPass use Faceid?

If you have a Pixel 4 smartphone, the LastPass Password Manager mobile app for Android lets you use Face Unlock as your biometric authentication to fill your login data for websites and mobile apps automatically.

What is better ESEA or FACEIT?

FaceIt is a larger online gaming community than ESEA, with more players covering the skill range. However, ESEA has a far superior anti-cheat mechanism than FaceIt.

Can I play FACEIT with a VAC ban?

If you’re VAC banned in a game you want to play on FACEIT, you’ll need to submit a ticket with one of our Community Support employees. This will allow you to create a new Steam account using a different ID without breaking FACEIT’s multi-account restrictions.

Is smurfing allowed in FACEIT?

INFO: Features of the New Elo Reversion for Smurfing Bans and a New Reporting System. The return of earned Elo in smurf matches has been changed: bans for smurfing now create new reversion mechanics to restore or remove Elo unjustly gained or lost in FACEIT games.

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