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Can you take an inactive Instagram username?


There’s no easy method to get access to an inactive Instagram username account. However, you may report an impersonation account or trademark infringement, and Instagram will assist you in obtaining access to an inactive Instagram username.

How to get an Inactive Instagram Username

Can you Get A Taken Instagram Username

The answer to the question “Can you take an inactive Instagram username?” is yes, if they are willing to fork over their money. But it’s not always easy. That is because there are so many people who have inactive Instagram usernames that want them back. They may have bought a company or trademark name and now need the old one for something else, or they could be selling items on eBay or Amazon and need to use an old username with high search volume for advertising purposes. Whatever the reason, some people will do anything in order to get their hands on an inactive Instagram username that someone no longer wants.

As of this writing, it costs $250 USD ($288 CDN) per year to buy a user’s account from Facebook. The company will only let you purchase the inactive accounts if the people who own them want to sell, and they’re by no means obligated to do so. That is because, as we mentioned earlier, some of these inactive Instagram usernames were bought up on a whim and then forgotten about or never used. It’s like finding an old password that gives you access to someone else’s email account; it could be beneficial for you but isn’t necessarily easy to get your hands on at all.

If you can convince those people who own their original username (or copy their password) and also happen to buy an Instagram Username Checker , then it becomes possible to find out whether or not that specific name is still being actively used – which makes it easier to convince the person who owns it that they should sell it.

As of this writing, you cannot find out if someone has an active Instagram account without either asking them or buying an Instagram Username Checker. Facebook says that they have a waiting list for inactive accounts but won’t say how long it is or when people might expect their turn to come up. So in the meantime, there are companies online offering to buy your old username back for between $100 and $500 USD per account. That isn’t much money when you consider that some of these usernames are only one word long yet could have several thousand followers attached to them. When dealing with big brands or celebrities, those names can be worth many thousands of dollars just because of the publicity that comes with them.

Keep in mind that there is a chance that some or all of these inactive Instagram usernames could be deactivated later and you would miss out on your money. So make sure to get this type of transaction done as fast as possible before it’s too late, and always use an escrow service for safety purposes. That way, the company you buy from doesn’t keep your money but transfers it directly into your account after they send you what you bought (and can also do so if something goes wrong).

Can I buy an inactive username?

Inactive usernames can be purchased from a private dealer. An inactive username is a username that is not associated with an account and has been available for purchase from its original owner through a private sales process.
A feature offered by Instagram makes it very easy to find your favorite discontinued or inactive username.

How to take over an inactive Instagram account?

First, you need to locate an inactive account. To do this follow the steps below:
-Enter Instagram in the search bar and click on “top posts”
-Scroll all the way down and look for some accounts that haven’t been active in a while (2 months or more) some blue text will read “activity unknown.” Make note of these users.

Can someone else take over an inactive account on Instagram?

No, if it’s locked down by Instagram for inactivity.
Once you have logged on to your inactive account, however, then the option of changing the username is available to you. You can sign out of your account or just change your username on an inactive one.

Can someone else take over an inactive account?

No! Your name on Instagram can only be changed within 12 hours of being locked down after inactivity expires and before another person takes it over. Once you log back into the account with your new name, make sure that all your posts include a hashtag (#) indicating what new name you’ve chosen for yourself! This way people who follow both accounts will see what’s going on. It’s best not to comment or post anything in the inactivated account once you’ve changed its name and profile picture.

Why is my Instagram username inactive?

You might be inactive because you’re using your username for other social networks, or you’ve changed your username, domain name or email address. Once the account has been deactivated (removed), it may not be reactivated unless approved by Instagram. This lets people who’ve forgotten their password reset it by answering a few personalized security questions. Using temporary accounts isn’t permitted on Instagram both for safety reasons and to prevent trolls from abusing the service from multiple accounts.

Can I take my inactive username?

A username can be taken by somebody else if it has not been used in the past 6 months. I’m sorry! You’ll need to create a new username or use an old one that you haven’t used for six months. Remember, we purge stale usernames regularly and once your name is gone, we can’t give it back (not even if someone changed their mind and wants to use the same account as before). This helps clean up our system and keeps space open for new ones.

What is an inactive Instagram username?

An inactive Instagram username is a user account that has not been active on the site for a number of months. When a person stops using an account, there are four main states it will be put in before being deleted: cold storage, inactive, disabled or dead account. Dead accounts are inactive for three years and cannot be reactivated by the user. Inactive accounts have not been used for 13 months and can be reactivated by the user, subject to Instagram’s discretion. Disabling an account means that it will no longer appear on Instagram but content from that profile may still exist elsewhere on Facebook or other connected sites like Foursquare.

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