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Can you un retweet something on twitter?


You can delete a Retweet by clicking the Delete link that appears to the right of all your RTs in Tweetdeck. This does not delete the original Tweet, just removes it from your feed.

How to remove a retweet from your Twitter profile

What happens if you undo a retweet?

When you retweet someone else’s tweet, it automatically becomes your own tweet. If you want to undo this action, you can delete the original tweet.

What happens when you delete a retweet?

You will see that the retweet has been deleted from your profile. Your followers won’t be able to view it in their feed and on your profile, but remember–it will still be visible on the original Tweet itself.

How do I separate retweets from a tweet?

To find what people are just talking about, you can use the advanced search function. Search on the keyword in the search bar and then narrow your results by checking off “include retweets” at the bottom.

Why can’t I delete retweets?

Twitter does not allow you to delete retweets because they are public posts.

How do I undo all retweets?

If you want to delete all of your retweets, go to the “Settings” page on your account. You can then click on “Delete all Retweets.”
If you only want to delete one specific retweet, you can do so by clicking on the retweet and selecting “Delete Tweet.

How do I get rid of the retweet button on Twitter?

The retweet button is a great way to share information on Twitter. If you want to get rid of it, there are two options. The first option is to go into the settings and disable the retweet button. The second option is to delete your account altogether.

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