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Can you use GameStop reward certificates online?


To use a gift card, trade credit or PowerUp Rewards™ card online, you must have a scratch-off PIN. You can find the digital gift certificate number and PIN in the email sent to the recipient.

The coupon booklet says “valid for online use; cannot be redeemed for cash or credit” so that’s good enough, right? I mean it’d be a big hassle if I had to get off the couch and haul my butt down there just to buy something.

Nope. The coupons are always for in-store use only. That bit about “cash or credit” is just a reminder of this fact — they can’t be exchanged for money or used on an existing GameStop purchase.

I thought we all agreed print media was dead, and yet here you are with a magazine insert buried deep within the pages of your website. What gives?

We can’t, in good conscience, let print media die without a fight. If we must have physical products to give you as rewards for achievements — and we must — then magazines are the way to go!

But why Game Informer ? They make games now? Why not some other magazine like Motor Trend or ESPN: The Magazine ?

In our opinion, Game Informer is America’s finest videogame magazine. Their level of commitment to quality writing, accessibility (they’re easy on the eyes), and overall great taste make them an excellent choice for this exclusive partnership with Achievement Hunter! Also they made us a cool logo so we thought it’d be nice to put it somewhere!

But I hate Game Informer ! They’re pretentious and condescending! Waaah! Plus they have ads for videogames in them. Ugh, capitalism!

That’s perfectly acceptable. Their reviews are still useful to you even if their writers irk you and the other guys at work complain about all the ad money they’re spending. Pick up a copy but don’t read it — just look at the pretty pictures or something.

Can I sell my GameStop gift card?

GameStop Gift Cards are not a form of payment. They may only be used to purchase merchandise or services at participating U.S. GameStop retail stores, on www.gamestop.com online and in certain Game Informer and J!NX Digital Properties such as Game Informer digital magazine and the J!NX app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). The cards cannot be used to make payments on auction sites or for deposits/down payments on rental property or for service contracts, bill payments, checking accounts transactions or cash withdrawal from ATMs. They may not be returned for cash except in states where required by law (for example, in Florida and Louisiana).

How do I use my Game Informer Rewards membership?

When you are checking out, choose to checkout as a rewards member and then enter the number from your card into the coupon box. You will receive an immediate 10% discount on your purchase as well as credit towards trade-in value for pre-owned games or accessories you have traded in within the past 30 days (10% of maximum trade-in value). You can learn more about how to redeem Game Informer Rewards by visiting http://www.gameinformer.com/rewards .

What is J!NX Digital Discounts?

J!NX offers members deep discounts on all new and used merchandise, exclusive game codes, fun apparel and a wealth of other benefits! You can learn more at www.jnxdigital.com/livediscounts .

What is GameStop’s return policy?

GameStop strives to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we encourage you to contact the customer service department at 1-888-822-7380 or visit your local store. Within 60 days of purchasing a product, you may return it for either an exchange or refund. After this period has passed, items purchased from us can only be returned for repair or replacement by calling Customer Service at (972) 588-7994 within 90 days of purchase. Additional information about our merchandise return policies can be found here .

How do I redeem my free game code?

You must log into www.gamestop.com with your valid email and password in order to redeem your free game code.

What is Game Informer Rewards?

Rewards members receive an exclusive 10% discount on all used games, trade credit to be applied towards the purchase of pre-owned items, as well as a premium points program that can earn you coupons and other rewards for regular visits. For more information about Game Informer Rewards visit www.gameinformerrewards.com.

What are CRT monitors made of?

CRTs consist of three main parts, the vacuum tube inside, the actual monitor housing and face plate, and a wire support structure and metal backplate. The majority of CRTs on the market today use glass as their face plate. This glass may be either green or amber depending upon when it was manufactured. These older types of glass can contain lead.

Why does the monitor have a glass face if it is breakable?

Glass has long been used in monitors because of its excellent durability and exceptional performance. The CRT is essentially the “eye” of your computer system, so we want you to be able to feel confident with having the best display available for your PC. We also want our customers to know that they are recycling these monitors into additional products instead of disposing them in landfills.

Will reuseable electronics recyclers accept my broken or old CRTs?

Yes, most electronic recyclers will accept all types of hardware including monitors if possible. When you contact a local recycling center about getting rid of your CRT monitor make sure they are taking monitors for recycling. The best way is to call around and find out who handles the recycling in your area. You should be able to find a local recycler by searching online or calling your local government offices. To determine if your CRTs can be recycled, look on the back of each monitor for a label with an acronym such as “LCD,” “LED,” or “CRT.” If these are printed on the backing then it means that the item contains hazardous materials and cannot be disposed of in regular trash.

How can I dispose of my CRT?

Once you confirm that you will have viable reuseable equipment after recycling, take it to a drop off location near you. Be sure to contact a few different places to make sure the center will take your CRT and that they properly recycle it. If you live in California, you can contact CalE-cycle, or visit www.calrecycle.ca.gov for more information on recycling electronics near you. The Electronics Take Back Coalition is a good resource for advice and support when deciding how to safely recycle old computers, televisions and other electronic equipment: http://www.electronicstakebackcoalition.com/index_flash_eng_home.

Can you use GameStop reward certificates online?

To use a gift card, trade credit or PowerUp Rewards™ card online, you must have a scratch-off PIN. You can find the digital gift certificate number and PIN in the email sent to the recipient.

How do I use my GameStop pro rewards online?

Complete your Member Account with the account given at registration, or create a free Guest Account. Viewing what rewards are available in the PowerUp Rewards Center online center and apply to any purchase that is made from GameStop’s website while logged into either of these accounts.

How do I use my reward certificate online?

Rewards certificates can be redeemed as gift cards by entering the certificate number and PIN on our Payment Information page during checkout. Results: Rewards certificates can be redeemed as gift cards by entering the certificate number and PIN on our Payment Information page during checkout.

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