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Can your Roblox account expire?


Your membership will automatically renew on the renewal date, unless your account has been cancelled before that. Your membership benefits will end on the expiration date.

my roblox account is expired

For most normal Roblox users, yes. On the other hand for certain groups of users like Builder’s Club users and admins, no. Please note that this article does not apply to Builders Club or Admin Accounts! If you are a member of either of these groups please check out THIS ARTICLE instead.

If your account is not an admin or Builders Club account then it can expire after putting little use into it. When an account expires all assets (aka virtual goods in game) on the account will be deleted. Basically the only thing that won’t be deleted is any tickets created using your now expired username (unless they were used). So to ensure that your hard earned items aren’t deleted make sure to keep playing! If you are not playing enough then your account WILL expire.

How can my account expire?

No matter how active you are or how much time you spend on Roblox, it is possible for your account to expire! This means that if your account is not an admin or Builders Club Account as stated above, and after some time of inactivity, it will eventually be deleted.

Does this mean I lose all my friends?

Nope! All the friends that you made on Roblox before your account expires will remain even so long as they do not make a new username. Any friends that you add after your account has expired will not be added however until YOU re-create another account with the same username. Users that were previously friends with you will be notified when your account has been deleted, so they will know not to add you again unless it is a new account.

How can I tell if my account will expire?

If your account hasn’t logged in for about 60 days then it is highly likely that it has expired and will soon be removed by Roblox. At this point we advise users to go ahead and create a new username; no matter how much progress you’ve made on your current name, chances are someone else has already taken the same one. If our system detects that an expired account was trying to login but had errors along the way, we may temporarily lock out the old user from logging in completely. If this happens we will notify you as soon as possible about what happened.

If your account has an active charge on the Robux or Tickets balance then you have 4 months of game-time added to your account. This means that even if you haven’t played in a while, if you keep a Robux or Ticket balance in your account it won’t expire (as long as it stays above zero). To see how long until your next refill of Robux is due, check out the Manage Account page at https://www.roblox.com/user?account=YourUsername#tickets!

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When does my account expire?

The chances are if you’ve been playing since 2008 and left most of the games you played then your account may have already expired. Your username and all information about your past purchases will be kept safe, but any virtual goods you have on games like Survival: Tycoon or Apocalypse Rising will not transfer over to a new username.

We can’t see an exact date when accounts will expire in the future so there is no need to worry that your Roblox account will suddenly expire at some random time. The point of this system is to only make life harder for those who are being careless with their account’s security!

I want my account back; what do I do?

If you’ve been contacted by us via email or through a ticket about your account deletion, we advise against purchasing any Robux or Tickets to get your account back. It is a better idea to make a new username and start fresh instead of transferring funds from an expired account that could be used for many other things in the future!

If you decide to purchase Robux or Tickets, we will not be able to restore them onto another account under any circumstances. All transactions are final on this matter. You may however contact us with your current order number if you want to inquire about a refund. All refunds are decided at our discretion; there are no refunds after 7 days upon purchasing something unless it was already delivered immediately after purchase (such as when paying for Builders Club).

There is one way we can help you recover the username associated with an expired account. If you have a friend that still has your username and they are willing to transfer it to you, please send us an email about this. This option is only available for users who lost access due to account expiration, not others who lost access by hacking or having their account stolen.

I think my account was deleted erroneously! What do I do now?

If you believe your Roblox account was wrongfully removed then we will definitely review the situation; we make every effort before removing an infringing user’s account to ensure that all security measures were taken first. Please note that if you want your account back in this scenario you cannot pay any form of fee because we will not be able to restore anything onto another account even if you do. All transactions are final.

If you want to talk with us about the situation, please submit a ticket at our Help Center and we’ll be happy to verify if your account was deleted in error. We will also need to know why you believe this happened i.e., were you not notified beforehand? Please note that we save copies of all notifications for removed users and any purchases made; so if you have any questions about your removal or wish to verify anything then please contact us.

I’m having trouble logging in; what do I do?

If you are browsing on Desktop and have forgotten your password and username then simply go to the Login page and click ‘Forgot Password’. Make sure you enter a valid recovery email address that can be used to send a reset link. Please note that if the recovery address is invalid, we will not know where to send the instructions on how to change your password. If you are still having problems after using this feature, please submit a ticket at our Help Center with as much detail as possible. We may require more information from you before addressing any issues further.

If this was an old account of yours that hasn’t been in use for awhile then it is likely expired. Please follow this link to learn more about account expiration.

I want my account back; what do I do?

If you’re reading this then it’s likely that you’ve just found out your account has expired and are wondering how to get it back. Thankfully there’s an easy solution! Simply make a new username and start fresh rather than trying to recover the old one. In fact, we advise against recovering any accounts that have been expired because doing so will not be possible in the future! Rest assured though – you can always create another account so long as it’s done properly. We don’t allow users to use someone else’s username or email address when creating a new one, and all attempts at doing so are denied.

I think my account was hacked; what do I do now?

We will not restore any expired accounts that were compromised by the use of someone else’s credentials. If your account was stolen using someone else’s information then you should immediately notify us so we can take appropriate action against both the old and new username. We will get in touch with you if it turns out to be one of our vacant profiles being abused, but otherwise there is little we can do for those who lost access through having their password leaked or stolen.

Where can I learn more about the rules on forbidden content?

For a complete list of terms that are prohibited from our platform please see the Community Rules page at https://www.roblox.com/info/terms . It’s important to note that if you violate these guidelines then even if your account isn’t deleted we may still fine you for each violation. We strongly recommend that all users familiarize themselves with these official rules before using our platform so there are no surprises in the future.

Where can I learn more about abusing Roblox?

Abusing Roblox is not allowed and we take it very seriously; this includes posting links to inappropriate content, spamming the chat feed or private messaging system, or tricking other users into giving you their username as a way of exploiting them for access to their account. If any kind of abuse has occurred then please submit an Abuse Report at https://www.roblox.com/safety with the information about what happened and where it has occurred. We’ll take care of things from there and we will promptly suspend any accounts involved in such actions until they have been properly investigated by our team.

I want to know more about our system for handling inappropriate content; how does it work?

We strive to keep all of our users safe regardless if they are a child or an adult, and so we have an entire department dedicated to monitoring activity on Roblox which includes looking for any potential violations of our rules in order to stop them before they become issues. In addition, we employ special filtering features that help us automatically remove certain content such as foul language or advertisements from being displayed publicly on our website, and we employ a large team of moderators that track reported content on all of our games as well as the chat feeds.

I want to report someone who is breaking the rules; how do I do it?

You can either visit https://www.roblox.com/games/844343078/ or use the “Report Abuse” function found at the top right hand corner of every page. You’ll be given an opportunity to select from several options for reporting things such as inappropriate profile names, inappropriate avatars, private messages you didn’t approve, etc. In order to help us quickly locate your concern please provide us with specific examples so we can better understand what’s going on! We review these reports regularly and take appropriate action in a timely fashion.

How can I disable the chat system for my game?

If you really don’t want users to be able to chat then you can disable it per-game by going to the Privacy Settings page found at https://www.roblox.com/games/844343078/. There you’ll find two options that allow you to either set your own message or turn off all private messaging entirely. Please note that if you disable the chat system on your game then players will not be able to send messages directly between each other; they will instead need to use their existing Friends List (accessible through their profile) in order to communicate with others they know!

Can your Roblox account expire?

Your membership will automatically renew on the renewal date, unless your account has been cancelled before that. Your membership benefits will end on the expiration date.

Why is my Robux not renewing?

If your membership was unable to renew, this may be due to an expired or cancelled credit card or insufficient Gift Card credits. The renewal process may take a few days so please be patient if you are experiencing extended time and contact Customer Support via the support form if it takes longer than 10 days.

What happens if you cancel renewal on Roblox?

No. Key features of Builders Club are present in the Premium membership level. Updates to the club level and new memberships can be done by cancelling current Premium membership and then re-applying for a different type after expiration of current period.

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