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Do old email accounts get deleted?


  1. After an account becomes inactive, all messages, folders, and contacts are deleted, but the account name is still reserved.
  2. If the account stays inactive for an additional 90 days, the account name may be permanently deleted.

How Do I Reactivate an Old Email Account?

How Can I Delete an Old Account If I Forgot My Email and Password?

Are old Hotmail accounts deleted?

No, Hotmail accounts are not deleted. If you have a Hotmail account that is inactive for 12 months, it will be automatically disabled and you will not be able to log in.

What happens to old unused email accounts?

When you don’t use your email account for a certain amount of time, the account will be automatically deleted. If you want to keep your account, it is advisable to login at least once every few months.

Do email accounts expire?

Yes, email accounts do expire. It is not uncommon for an email account to expire after 2-3 years of inactivity.

How can I recover my Hotmail from years ago?

Unfortunately, Hotmail does not offer a way to recover old emails. It is possible to get a backup of your old email account by requesting a copy from the email provider for the account.

Can I go back to old Hotmail?

No, you cannot go back to old Hotmail. Microsoft ended the service in 2013 and replaced it with Outlook.com.

Do old email addresses get reused?

Some email providers do reuse old email addresses, but many don’t. Gmail, for example, will not reuse an old email address if it has been inactive for more than 12 months.

How do I find my old email accounts?

If you are looking for your old email accounts, the best way to find them is by contacting the company that created them.
For example, if you had an AOL account, you would need to contact AOL.
If you are looking for old Gmail accounts, you can use https://accounts.google.com/SignIn?hl=en&passive=true&continue=https%3A%2F%2Faccounts.

How long do email accounts stay active?

It is hard to say how long email accounts stay active. It really depends on the sender and who they are sending it to. For example, if I was sending an email to my boss, I would want it to stay active for a while. However, if I was sending an email to my friend, I might not care as much about how long it stays active.

How do you know if an email account has been deleted?

You can check your account’s settings to see if it is still active. If the email account is not an option, then it has likely been deleted.

How far back does Hotmail keep emails?

Hotmail has a controversial history when it comes to email storage. In the early 2000s, Hotmail had set a limit of 10MB per email and would delete emails after 30 days. This was changed in 2003 to 25MB per email and then again in 2007 to 50MB per email.
In 2013, Hotmail announced that they would be deleting old messages from their servers after 18 months of inactivity and would not be able to recover them.

Where did my Hotmail emails go?

Hotmail is now called Outlook. It’s still the same email service, but with a new name to match the newer Microsoft Office suite.

Can you recover emails from years ago?

Yes, you can recover emails from years ago.
It is possible to recover emails from years ago because email servers are designed to store data for a period of time. If the server is running Windows Server 2003 or 2008, then it will keep all emails that are sent or received until the end of 2038. If the server is running Windows Server 2003 R2 or 2008 R2, then it will keep all emails that are sent or received until the end of 2020.

Does Hotmail still exist?

Yes, Hotmail still exists. It is now called Outlook and is a Microsoft product.

Is Hotmail and Outlook the same?

Yes, Hotmail and Outlook are the same. Microsoft acquired Hotmail in 1997 and changed its name to Outlook.com in 2013.

Why can’t I use Hotmail anymore?

Hotmail, which was founded in 1996, is one of the oldest web-based email services. It was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 and has been gradually phased out.
In October 2013, Microsoft announced that it would be phasing out the service over the course of several months. The company cited low usage rates as reasoning for discontinuing Hotmail.

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