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Do old MySpace accounts still exist?


  1. Yes, old MySpace accounts still exist.
  2. However, the site is no longer active and users are not able to log in.

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Does Myspace ever delete old accounts?

Yes, Myspace occasionally deletes old accounts. However, the company does not have a specific policy regarding when or why it deletes accounts.

How do I find my old Myspace profile?

To find your old Myspace profile, you can use the Myspace Archive. The Myspace Archive is a website that allows you to view old versions of profiles from 2006-2009. To use the Myspace Archive, you first need to create an account. Then, you can enter your username and password to view your old profile.

How can I access my old Myspace account without email?

There is no way to access your old Myspace account without email. Myspace has been shut down for years, and the accounts are no longer active. If you created your account before 2013, you will not be able to log in and access your information. Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve your data if you do not have the email address associated with your account.

Can I access Classic Myspace?

Yes, you can access Classic Myspace. However, it is no longer supported by the company, so there may be some features that don’t work correctly.

What killed Myspace?

Myspace was killed by a number of factors, including Facebook’s rise to popularity and the introduction of smartphones.

When did Myspace become unpopular?

Myspace became unpopular in 2007 when Facebook became more popular.

Is Myspace still active 2022?

Myspace is not currently active, but it is still possible that it could be revived in the future.

How can I get my old Myspace pictures?

If you still have access to your old Myspace account, you can download all of your photos from the account settings page. If you no longer have access to your account, or if your photos are no longer hosted on Myspace, it may be possible to recover them using an online photo recovery service.

Is Myspace still alive?

Myspace is not currently alive. It was sold to Specific Media in 2011 and has been largely inactive since then. However, there are still some users who use the site.

Is Myspace making a comeback?

There’s been some speculation that Myspace may be making a comeback, but there’s no evidence that this is actually happening. The site has been largely inactive for years, and it’s unclear if there’s enough interest in it to revive it.

When did Facebook overtake Myspace?

In 2008, Facebook overtook Myspace as the most popular social networking site.

What is Myspace called now?

Myspace is now called “Social Media.” It is a website where people can create profiles to share with friends, post photos and videos, and join groups.