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Do subway Rewards points expire?


Your Subcard® membership and your Card have no fixed expiration date, but if you haven’t made any transactions within a year, any points attributed to your membership and/or Card will expire and your balance will be reset to zero.

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Do Subway rewards expire?

Once you’ve received your Rewards, you have 90 days to spend it. If you don’t use the money within 90 days, the benefit will expire and you won’t be able to cash it in. Note: Your tokens aren’t erased unless you make at least one earning Subway® purchase or redeem a reward at least once every 12 months.

Do Subcard points expire?

After a year has passed, your SUBCARD® will automatically be canceled. After that time, the funds in your SUBCARD® account will expire. The credit on your SUBCARD® account will automatically expire after 12 (twelve) months from when you, or the person giving you the credit, loaded it onto your SUBCARD® account.

What can you get with 1000 Subway points?

The location-free rewards card also offers two types of offers. Snacks and sides, including hash browns, nachos, a bowl of meatballs, or a toasted Bite, are available for 200 points each. A regular 6-inch Sub (or wrap) is available for 500 points. A regular Footlong Sub can be obtained for 1,000 points.

How do Subway Rewards points work?

Our perks are just delicious! For every dollar you spend on food and beverage purchases in Subway® restaurants, you will receive four tokens. When you have 200 tokens – BOOM! – you’ll get a $2.00 Reward for your next Subway® purchase.

Can you use Subway points on just eat?

You can now order Subway from our partners: Just Eat, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats. Customers can’t collect or use Subcard points when ordering through third-party delivery platforms.

How can I get a free sub from Subway?

Subway will send you a text confirmation once you’ve signed up. Subway will immediately send you a link for a free 6-inch classic sub (with 30-ounce drink purchase) after you respond with an “Y” to the confirmation message. Make careful not to click on the “redeem” hyperlink until after going to the Subway shop.

How do I get a free footlong from Subway?

Subway is offering a buy one, get one free footlong subs for a limited time. To obtain this offer, input the code FREESUB at checkout. You’ll get a second sub of equal or lesser value for free!

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