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Does Amazon Mechanical Turk pay cash?


Although Amazon only takes 20-45% of each transaction, there are hundreds of thousands of registered workers who keep coming to MTurk.

“Earn cash daily doing small tasks. Earn money anytime, anywhere and from any device.” โ€“ Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

So far so good! But, does Amazon pay its users?

The answer to this question is YES; however with a few conditions. Amazon pays its users only when they have “completed” the MTurk task assigned to them by an employer (requester). If you are a new user at MTurk, you will start off with 50 cents for every HIT accepted and submitted by you successfully. After that, your wage for each completed task would depend on the qualifications of the requester who has posted the HIT and also on other factors including time taken in completing the task as well FAR below minimum wage.

As per the Research Guide for Online payment services, the average Amazon Mechanical Turk hourly wage is $2.15 which roughly amounts to $7.80 per day or less than a paltry sum of $290 per month at best, assuming you hit upon all the 10-12 hour daily tasks that are available in sufficient numbers! This would amount to below minimum wage if anyone is actually paying their workers at MTurk that amount. So, there is no reason why a worker should be paid such miserable wages when they can work full time and earn more elsewhere even with some other part-time job or freelancing sites like Upwork or Fiverr โ€“ both of which pay more than AMT.

In fact, workers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk are required to earn some minimum money before they can withdraw it. The amount needed is $50 and this reduces by half of the total each month. You may read about why you should avoid working as a turkey at MTurk here: http://www.amazon-mechanical-turk-reviews.com/articles/avoid_working_as_a_turker

Wages at AMT change on a regular basis, and if the employers do not find enough workers available or have already accepted enough HITs for one day, then they will supposedly charge more per task for anyone who wants to complete them! So naturally, it should be possible to earn anything between 50 cents an hour (at minimum wage) to $10 per hour, or even more if you are very lucky.

The average pay at MTurk is supposedly around 1 to 3 dollars per hour for all completed tasks and users get paid every day. However, there are many complaints online about the Amazon Mechanical Turk scam that it does not pay its workers for the work they have done for some employers or what has been agreed upon between them. Therefore, one needs to be extremely careful while working on AMT as well as before joining it so as not to lose money! Hence it would be better that one looks out for another way of earning online instead of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk!

Amazon Mechanical Turk Alternatives โ€“ Some sites like Fiverr allow you to earn more than AMT and are genuine work-from-home jobs that pay well. Also, check out these freelance websites which pay better than MTurk too.

How to Start with Amazon Mechanical Turk?

1. First, you need to fill in the sign-up form on the official website of MTurk at http://www.mturkcrowd.com/. The site is called as Crowd Sourcing which means that there would be a large number of people working for an employer or requester who posts “tasks” and workers compete against each other by submitting their answers/work faster and correctly! You may read more about it here: http://www.amazon-mechanical-turk-reviews.com/articles/what_is_mechanical_turk

2. After registering yourself, you will get a confirmation email from Amazon inviting you to activate your account by clicking on the link provided in that email. Once done, finally you will be able to complete tasks.

3. If you are getting paid per task then your balance would decrease as soon as the worker completes a task and submits it successfully. The money earned is not added to your main account and could be withdrawn only after $50 is reached which reduces every month by half until it reaches zero! You can withdraw from MTurk once the minimum threshold of $50 has been reached or when Amazon pays for extra work done so if they have decided to pay more than what was agreed upon between them and the employer. So, before registering yourself at AMT or trying out any kind of part time jobs, freelancing or other, better options of making money online, make sure that you read thoroughly about it and try to avoid AMT like a plague!

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Does Amazon Mechanical Turk pay cash?

Although Amazon only takes 20-45% of each transaction, there are hundreds of thousands of registered workers who keep coming to MTurk.

Does Mechanical Turk pay cash?

You can use your earnings at Amazon, but you also have the option to automatically transfer funds into your account. This is good for people who want to turn their cash into a different form of currency without losing out on its value.

How do you get paid from Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Upon approval of your submitted task, Turk’s dashboard will automatically display how much you have earned. This amount will fluctuate with market conditions and the dollar-rate conversions as well as hourly rates.

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk worth the time?

If a project takes more than two minutes and pays less than fifty cents, then it’s not worth the time. The better option is to start another task if a given one doesn’t pay at least $0.50 an hour (or more).

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