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Does clash of clans delete inactive accounts?


According to the Terms of Service, yes, they could terminate inactive accounts. However, there are no cases of them actually doing so.

How to Delete your tc oc account

Thanks for the question. The opportunity to reactivate your account comes up automatically when you have been inactive for some time, and it is impossible for us to delete those accounts. In general, there are two reasons why an account might be deleted: if it has been flagged by another player as a fake/stolen account or if we get an email from the owner asking us to remove their account.

Why does my village layout change after upgrading?

The layouts of most structures in Clash of Clans change depending on what level they currently are (level 1, 2, 3, etc). This allows you to build more powerful defenses at later levels — but also means that your village will never feel exactly the same twice! There are also some other level-specific visual differences, such as the fortified walls at Town Hall 11.

I am new and don’t know how to start in CoC ;(

There are just 2 main things you need to do to proceed: 1) Build your first barracks, which gives you a few troops; 2) Find yourself a good base on our Global Map! But be careful: Don’t try to attack players that are “too strong” for you — always pick an opponent where your troops have a decent chance of success! (If they don’t, then they should be sold off.) Here is one more tip: Keep upgrading your Town Hall past level 5. That will unlock better resources for you to use in battle (higher-level troops).

I can’t build any new upgrades; what’s going on?

Make sure your Town Hall is at level 5 or higher. After that, you will need to wait for the “build time” of each upgrade to expire — usually, this happens overnight (12 hours after starting) but it always depends on the speed of your internet connection. It also helps if you leave your game open through this process: If the process gets interrupted (for example, by a power cut), then the whole build period starts again from 00:00 UTC (game time). So in this case it would be better to close and reopen the app every couple of hours. (Note: In Asian regions with daylight savings turned on, the daily build and upgrade times get shifted by 1 hour).

How to Recover tc oc account without Gmail

My account was suddenly hacked. What to do now?

First of all, change your password immediately! Also, contact us through our in-game support feature (“Support” button on the top right-hand corner of the screen). If you can send us any information about what happened (phone number or email address used for registering your account) that would be great. And once again, make sure to change your password after this unpleasantness.

All accounts are protected against unauthorized access by a password that is unique to each player and must be entered whenever the game is accessed from a new device/browser. We recommend that players choose passwords that are at least eight characters long, contain both numbers and letters, and are not easily guessable. If you have any trouble remembering your password it might be a good idea to write it down somewhere safe.

If your account is stolen or hijacked, please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected] so that we can investigate the situation further. Note: You will normally need to send us two things:

1) some proof that you own the account (screenshots of your village for example);

2) some proof of how the account was compromised (a chat log with the attacker maybe?). So try to get in touch with Support as quickly as possible! And don’t worry — if another player does manage to take over your village, they won’t be able to access your Clan Castle or any of your possessions (such as Dark Elixir, Gems, etc.)

I’m a Town Hall 7 and I want to join a Clan. How do I do this?

Clan members will receive a request notification if you send them one. If they accept your request, then you are in! The leader of the clan can access their Clan Settings by tapping on the “More” button next to their name at the top of the main screen, and then tapping on “Check who wants to join”. From there they can manage requests from those requesting entry into their clan. You may also ask in chat for an invitation to join (note: be sure they are not asking newbies only).

How do I join a clan?

Tap on the “Clan” button at the bottom of the screen, and then tap on the banner for your desired clan. This will bring up a list of all clan members that you can see (by tapping on each player’s profile picture). Once you have found an open spot in the clan, tap on it to request entry. The Clan Leader will be contacted with what order number has been requested entry into their clan. If they accept, then you are in!

I am having problems upgrading my Town Hall. How do I fix this?

There are two ways to upgrade your Town Hall: 1) You get gems as loot from successfully completed battles; 2) use gems to upgrade your Town Hall directly.

Pro tip: If you want to reach Town Hall 10 as soon as possible, then you should tap on the spinning Clock icon next to your Town Hall level (see also below). This will take you to a screen where upgrading is much faster and cheaper! Tapping on the “Spend Gems” button is recommended especially if you have more than 1k gems saved up.

Why can’t I upgrade my Town Hall? What’s that Clock icon for?

This feature is available only in Clan Wars. The Clan War clock shows how long until preparations for this war are over (“Wait” state). After preparations are finished, both teams receive a full complement of troops appropriate for their TH level.

Can I attack someone else’s village if they are not online?

No, you have to wait until the owner of that village logs on and has their defenses loaded. It is your own responsibility to make sure the village is “live” and ready for battle at all times. If you can’t be around when you attack, it may be best to leave your resources in your Clan Castle instead.

How do I defend against a Hog Rider?

You can see what troops the enemy will use (including heroes) before entering into this war by tapping on the shield near the start button. Also, always know where clan castle troops are placed so you can lure them out and counter them with defensive spells or other units.

You can also take out the Hog Rider with a Dragon, as long as you have one. Even your own level 1 Dragon! This is because of the way they get their “boost” – they fly over defenses so do not get them when attacking ground troops (see below). A level 6 Dragon only has 4 health, but it does damage equivalent to a maxed-out Wizard Tower. If that is all you have available, then use it! You will need to be careful about where enemy air defenses are though — if a possible attack from behind or another angle with less coverage.

Does clash of clans delete inactive accounts?

According to the Terms of Service, yes, they could terminate inactive accounts. However, there are no cases of them actually doing so.

Do clash of clans accounts get deleted?

1 Answer. No, Supercell will not delete a base or remove it for inactivity. It will just sit and wait for the owner to eventually come back online.

Does supercell delete inactive clans?

According to the Terms of Service, Facebook may terminate your account if it has been inactive for several years. However, we haven’t found any examples of that happening in the past.

How long do you have to be inactive on the clash of clans?

You retain Leader status as long as you play the game for at least 90 days. Even if you’re inactive for a long time, you’ll receive notifications urging you to log in and manage your Clan again before another Leader is appointed.

What happens if you are inactive in a clash of clans?

In the first few weeks, you will be getting raided often. This frequency will decrease with time so don’t worry about a twicedaily raid.

What happens if you are inactive?

One of the consequences of being inactive is that you may lose over muscle strength and endurance because your muscles are not working as much. Your bones can become weaker, losing some mineral content, and your metabolism may change. Your body will have more trouble breaking down fats and sugars when inactive due to a slowing in metabolism.

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