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Does cPanel full backup include emails?


The actual emails in /home/username/mail/domain.com/emailuser should be included in the full backup of the cPanel account. They’ll be kept in flat files in username’s folder, which is named after the cPanel username, domain.com, and emailuser is the user’s name for the email account

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Does cPanel full backup include database?

Your /home directory, databases, email forwarders, and filters are all included in a complete backup file. You won’t be able to access your website through the cPanel interface using a full backup file.

How do I download all emails from cPanel?

Go to the email account that owns the email address you wish to export. On the main cPanel page for your account, look for and click the “Email Accounts” button. Locate the email address you’d like to export emails for on the Email Accounts page.

How do I archive emails in cPanel?

Login to cPanel. Under the “Email” category, click on the “Archive” button. This saves incoming, outgoing, and mailing list messages for a certain length of time. Check to see if there is enough disk space available for the retention period you’ve chosen.

Where backup is stored in cPanel?

Create a new file or directory in the /var/cpanel/backups/extras directory (for example, /var/cpanel/backups/extras/etc ) with a custom name and contents. Enter an absolute path to any files you wish to backup in this file (for example, /etc/, ).

Where is database backup in cPanel?

Click on phpMyAdmin from the Databases menu. In the left column, select your database name. On the right side, click the Export option. Pick which tables you wish to save or choose Select All to back up all of your tables to copy them across.

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