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Does deleting a WordPress user delete their posts?


If you are deleting an account in WordPress, be sure to assign their posts to another user before disabling the account.

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What happens when you delete a WordPress account?

If you delete your account, your email address remains in our system for 30 days. After that time has passed and your account is purged, the email address can be used to create a new WordPress.com account with no problem.

What happens when you delete a user?

When you delete a user, it is the folder and its child folders that have their name on them that are removed. It’s important to remember this as any data files in other non-user-made folders will not be deleted.

Can I delete a user in WordPress?

Log in to WordPress. Under Users on the admin toolbar, select the name of the user you want to delete. From the Bulk Actions drop-down menu, click Delete and then Apply.

How do I recover a deleted post on WordPress?

Restoring a page or post in WordPress involves logging into the admin panel and looking for the Trash icon. You should be able to find Trash by inputting the search term from the header menu. To restore content, click on Restore and select which item you want to bring back. It’s important to note that it only takes one click on Delete Permanently if you change your mind about your prior decision.

Can I retrieve a deleted post?

A recent post has moved to Trash in Manage Activity. To see the posts you’ve deleted so far, navigate to More > Activity Log and tap Trash from the top menu.

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