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Does deleting Bumble app delete your profile?


Deleting the Bumble, Tinder, Hinge or Coffee Meets Bagel apps from your phone does not delete your account. If you reinstall the app, your profile will still be there when you log in.

How to Delete Bumble Account Permanently | Delete Bumble App 2020

How To Delete Bumble Account Permanently

What happens if I delete Bumble app?

Uninstalling the Bumble app is like a temporary deletion of your account that only removes the data from your device. Just removing it from your phone will not delete it permanently. … Once you confirm deleting your account, make sure to create another so you can use Bumble again.

How do you know if someone deleted their bumble app?

When your Bumble account is deleted, you’ll see a blank cutout picture where your name used to be and a message that says “you have deleted your account.” This means all messages will still be available so you can trace back if they left their number with you.

How do you get your Bumble back after being blocked?

If you believe that your profile was blocked incorrectly, please reach out to our Support Team. Remember: we don’t allow users to circumvent blockages by creating new profiles. Once your account has been blocked, it’s no longer permitted for you to use Bumble.

Why can’t I log back into Bumble?

To close the app, shut down Bumble_app for iOS or Android then open it again. Chances are that if you did not log out, the app has frozen and will need to be closed and opened again. Choose the alternative account sign in method. Bumble only has one account sign in option: either by phone number or by Facebook.

What happens if I use a username that someone else has already used or is active?

If another user from another country/region signs up with the same username, Bumble will automatically assign them a different one before verifying their account. This prevents the issue of having 2 top-level profiles for the same name which may cause confusion when it comes to sending and receiving messages (that’s why we recommend using your first or last initials instead!). We cannot change this once an account has been created so please choose something unique when creating your username! If you have questions about this then please contact us directly: [email protected].

I forgot my password! What do I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve any passwords for users who have deleted their accounts. The only option available to you is to contact us directly at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do about resetting your password, but since that process takes time we also recommend finding a new email address as a digital backup or starting over with a different username (especially if it was being used by someone else). We are always here to help resolve issues like this and we will try to get back to you within 12 hours Monday – Friday.

permanently deleted & How do I create a new account and start over?

Deleting your account (and therefore removing yourself from Bumble) is an irreversible action which will also delete any of your photos and other content you uploaded to the app. This essentially means that you will not be able to re-install Bumble onto another device and log in as the same user profile in order to continue using it since we cannot pull your details from the deleted database. If you wish to use Bumble again in the future, it would be best to create a new account so that you can start fresh and meet some new people.

What happens if I re-download the app while my account is inactive?

You will be able to continue using Bumble as normal with absolutely no interruptions or limitations. The only difference will be that since your account has been marked inactive, you won’t be able to see any conversations that occurred before you went inactive, or any expired matches that haven’t been active in the last 30 days. If you have any questions about this then please contact us directly: [email protected]

How do I know when my account is deleted?

When you delete your account, it will be removed from the app and all data will be erased within 30 days. You’ll receive an email confirmation once your account is deleted and another one when it’s permanently removed (refer below for a link).