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Does deleting grindr delete profile?


When you delete an app but not the profile, the profile will no longer be valid on the grid. The inboxes of those you messaged and their contents will still display the profile. After I deleted the app and not my own profile, Grindr has shown up in my experience on the grid.

Why I Deleted GRINDR.

How to delete a Grindr account permanently

How do I know if my Grindr account is deleted?

When you’ve blocked someone, it appears as if they’ve left Grindr and all associated profiles have been removed (but they haven’t). In this scenario, find a buddy who has a Grindr profile and have them check for your partner on there. Maybe utilize any old connections to assist the other person in their search.

How long does it take for your profile to disappear on Grindr?

If no one interacts with the profile for two hours, the green dot will be replaced by an orange clock icon. As for being no longer visible, the user must choose to go “Offline” within the app. The activity dot on Grindr remains green for ten minutes. When there is no activity in ten minutes, the green dot is changed to a blank circle.

What does deleting your Grindr profile do?

Please keep in mind that if you remove the Grindr app from your phone and don’t back up your data, your chat conversations, saved phrases, and photos from your chat history will be lost. However, your profile information (such as a photo, about me section) will remain untouched.

Why do profiles disappear on Grindr?

When a user’s Grindr presence is removed as a result of violating our Community Guidelines, their profile will be terminated entirely. This includes any messages they’ve sent to other users. It’s also possible that this individual has deleted his or her Grindr profile, which would remove all of their data as well as messages they’ve sent to others.

Can someone track you on Grindr?

Yes, because the program accesses Grindr’s database, it may reveal not only users’ locations, but also their photo, body type, ethnicity, HIV status, most recent HIV test result and even their sexual position preference.

When you block someone on Grindr can they still see you?

Grindr Tip: Did you know that when you block someone on Grindr, they are immediately removed from your cascade view? On their profile, touch the block button. Neither of you will be able to see or communicate with one another once you’ve blocked someone.

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